“Being 6 is SO MUCH better than being 5!”

“Dad, when I wake up, does that mean I am 6?”

Well, not technically, you’ll actually turn 6 at 11:11am.

“Ok, I can’t wait to be 6”

Happy birthday to my super cute, charasmatic, smarty pants, sporty little redhead! 6 years ago today, on a very special Memorial Day, he entered our lives and changed our world as we new it, FOREVER! Wow, what a boring life we’d have if it weren’t for our kids. Brennan gets us more compliments in random public outings than anyone! People can’t get over that red hair of his and most people that know him just ADORE his cute personality! He is such a sport nut and can out run and out throw his mommy, even if I am in denial. He’s gone from pretty a determined little fit thrower to a people pleasing, respected little man. I just love him and am so grateful for him in our family. I seriously couldn’t narrow down the many cute photos that show who he is, so you’ll jsut have to deal with a LOT of pictures…I know nothing new, stop complaining! Here’s a good sampling of his last 6 years!!

Wow, he really did start out THIS small, 6lbs, 12 oz! I can’t believe I have taken him from baby to 6!

One week old.

4 months old

6 months and super smiley all the time!

A big one year old!

18 months, some of the fun and definitely HARDER days!

TWO! More fun and definitely more difficult. Boy did he have some fire in him, and NOT just his red hair!

I love this photo in the truck, he loved his “papa trucks.”

More with TWO. Love this “slam dunk,” not bad for a two year old!

Also the Santa picture, that is shows who Brennan was, incredibly nervous and apprehensive about ANYTHING. This included characters, rides and especially ANY loud noise. I am so surprised he isn’t like this anymore, Disneyland at age 3 was his WORST NIGHTMARE, he was terrified of EVERYTHING! Thankfully he has outgrown most of this.

THREE! More strong willed fits this year! This day I came in to a very quiet (and naked) Brennan to see he had found lotion and sunscreen and had it ALL OVER himself, the counter and the mirror, I am glad I opted to take a picture instead of get really mad. Another great 3 story…he threw the biggest fit one day and after 45 minutes of him slamming doors and kicking walls and being horrible, I was in tears and left him with a sitter to get a break! I came home and talked calmly to him and told him I had to take ALL of his toys away until he could behave. This didn’t go over well, but Daddy got home and we put all the toys outside in my studio and locked it up. Well at 1am our house alarm went off, I woke up in paralyzed fear to it and laid there waiting for the intruder to enter my room. Brennan terrified of the alarm had jumped in my bed and his heart was pounding against me also very scared. The alarm people called and we started to look around, turns out their was no intruder, Brennan woke up and since we were asleep he went out front on his own to get to the studio and take back the toys we took away! Yeah, he was pretty determined!

Ok, borderline inappropriate for this blog, but how could I not post what has become a signature photo of Brennan’s?? This is on his 3rd birthday, he was running around naked with this mask on and Aunt Sally told him to turn and pose for this! Classic and definitely great for blackmail someday =)

FOUR! Things are looking up for us now, behavior is better, sensitivity and fear of everything lessened, I think I can really enjoy this kid!

This photo is decieving, I didn’t put him on a huge cliff where he could fall into the ocean below…he wasn’t THAT bad his first 3 years of life!

Five. Now very charasmatic and loving. Much more mild tempered and incredibly active, smart and fun to be around. He’s also our little cuddler and would give anything to sleep wtih and cuddle Dawson every night! Dawson on the other hand has no interest AT ALL!
Last, here’s a photo of him today getting his breakfast request of Funny Face Mickey Pancakes, on the SPECIAL PLATE…look out IHOP! Happy birthday buddy, I love you!

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Marnee MarriottMay 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Brennan! Wahoo! 6. I’m going to get to shoot your wedding soon… 🙂

nellyMay 28, 2008

He’s so cute Jen! You’re such a good mom.

russandkatieMay 28, 2008

I cannot believe he is 6!!!!!!!!!!

AndreaMay 29, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanios Brennan!!! We hope you had a great and fun B-day!! Love, The Lamb’s

NicoleMay 29, 2008

I can’t believe he is 6!. Do you feel old? YOu have a six year old. he he

MaryMay 29, 2008

OH MY GOSH!! I forgot about the naked Incredibles pictures!! I remember when yo sent that out the first time. Ryan and I died laughing!!He is so freaking cute!! We miss you!!

Rachel EvansJune 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Brennan! 6 is better then 5. I love the pictures! He is so cute.

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