Birthday Love for Janelle!

Happy birthday to my ever fabulous, super fun, totally captivating and incredibly wonderful friend of…19 years? Wow, can we really be THAT old?

I seriously LOVE this girl! We met in 7th grade when I was starting a new school and didn’t know ANYONE! She was such a good friend and helped me along in my nervous state of loneliness. We’ve been amazing friends ever since! I have so many fun memories with this girl and often miss our careless days of being roommates in Apartment 1073 and was it 2029? Man were those the days! Janelle can light up ANY room with her cute smile and fabulous eyes!

She’s also the best to have around when you crash the YSA dances or want to do some fun Karaoke! She dances like crazy and makes us all laugh hysterically! She’s one of my group of 10 friends I have known for so long and I am so thankful to have her…and all of them, in my life! It is truly a unique friendship we have for sure. Janelle is frequently known for her crazy hairstyles! Here’s a shot when we hiked the grand canyon where she let it get a little out of control! =)

No really, here’s a shot I stole from her blog of a crazy hair day, she can seriously pull off the crazy hair though, this is a quote from her blog that tells me why
It isn’t my favorite, but it’s different, so that makes it fun….and let’s be honest, it’ll grow. So I’m just embracing it and acting confident…that’s always what makes it cute anyway!”

This is precisely what I love most about Janelle. She is super outgoing and confident and radiates love to all those around her. She’s always making people laugh and lifting the spirits of others. She’s such an inspiration as she just finished her Master’s Degree and is now a Nurse Practitioner!

Janelle, thanks for the memories we continue to create! Here’s to more smacking tree branches full force and landing flat on my back, giggly nights with no sleep to be had, movie making, song singing, carwashing in the rain, frog catching, scorpion discoveries, gotcha playing, late night fast food, music and dancing over and over and over, more surprises than either of us can count, fashion helps, tears of happiness, tears of sadness, laughing til we cry and nearly pee…oh wait this is YOU I am talking about! Hoping for many, many more years of these memories, I LOVE YOU GIRL, wish I could be there to celebrate! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Alyson P.May 29, 2008

How could you forget 2059? Ahh…the memories. I could add a few but this is a public blog. Hope you had a great one Janelle!

AndreaJune 3, 2008

I like your new blog….nice colors!

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