Blog stalkers…

I love blog stalkers, even those of you that read my blog, who I may not know and have never met! What a privilege it is to have people come to my site and even care one bit about my photos or what I might have to say! If you are a blog stalker…leave me a comment, I’d love to get to know you! I’ve found many of blogs following them through links from their comments to my posts and I absoulutely love it!

Recently though, I had a negative experience with a blog stalker. After a generous comment posted on my site I followed links to a website of a fellow photographer in another state. I was flattered to see it wasn’t someone I had met from a seminar or knew from anywhere, just a blog stalker…someone that found me and was reading my blog! I was flattered as I do this to many other photo blogs, mostly anonymously because I don’t have time to comment all the time.

Fast forward as I browsed this website I was shocked to see this photographer have an almost word for word copy of my “about us” section. In it I list things like, My Philosophy about my work, My Passion about photography, and My Pride, my family! That in and of itself is slightly unique but not unheard of for someone to have come up with on their own (ironically listed in my same order though), but as I read on it was obvious to me that this person had copied almost the entire paragraph of two of those three categories! I was shocked, I couldn’t decide if I should be flattered or mad, it seemed kind of misleading for someone to take your words and market themselves with your creative writing. Especially because right across the bottom of the site was the words “copyright and DO NOT COPY,” plain as day!

I sat on this for a number of days and opted to handle it gently in hopes to motivate someone else, not hurt them. Rather than being dirty and posting the links to see for yourself on my blog, I sent an email and what I thought was a reasonable message saying, that as I have been taught in so many seminars etc that copying is not the way to get ahead, but rather money, time, education and effort put into your business. I mentioned the flattery in being followed and copied by someone and how I feel it is of UPMOST importance in this creative business of photography, to network and learn from each other! I encouraged this person to be unique and not use my words anymore on their site, but to come up with something on their own, or with the help of friends or hired professionals. At any rate, my message was not received well, I think this only further confirmed for me the guilt of the suspected party.

It’s too bad really, this isn’t a “cut throat” business like some businesses out there. In fact I view it as just the opposite, I think there are so many people and so many photography opportunities that ALL of us can be gainfully employed in our respective elements! And I for one know that I have spent countless hours networking, mentoring, encouraging and teaching other photographers to do what I do, cause it’s seriously the best job ever!

So, if you are a blog stalker, WELCOME and hopefully I can mentor, teach or entertain you in some way, thanks for reading…um…and copying!

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Corissa & SpencerJuly 2, 2008

I’m a total blog stalker and I love it! I love seeing how creative people are and what they are up to. I’m shocked to see that someone would take your creative ideas, that’s too bad!

ColletteJuly 2, 2008

Hi Jen!
I’ve been stalking your blog for a while since I found the link from Janelle. Don’t worry – I won’t copy your ideas – I just like to see your work! You’re wonderfully talented. Just thought I’d come clean and confess my stalking. If you’d like to see my blog you can check it out at:

And if you link, could you please not use our last name – security purposes – I’m sure you understand…

Take care and congrats on standing up for yourself!

Marnee MarriottJuly 2, 2008

Well said. I love checking out other photographers… their creative ideas, products, and fun clients. It is always great to get inspired through others. I think photographers are so great because we all love to share ideas on what works well. We want each other to be successful. I never feel threatened by any “competition”. It really, truly is a great industry to be a part of. It is so sad to see something like this. As artists, copyright is so important. Not only for images, but for all written material as well. I have to admit, I copy your ideas all the time! You are so creative, but I hope that I give a “Marnee” twist to them to make them my own. I’m glad you took a stand on this!

janelleJuly 2, 2008

You’re just too talented! 🙂 That is crazy…it’s like getting caught plagerizing in school. Ugh! It definitely is flattering, unfortunate, but flattering.

JanetJuly 2, 2008

Hey Jen, you already know I’m a stalker. 🙂

SallyJuly 3, 2008

Jen- You know I stalk your blogs, but I have only stolen your pictures so I have family ones. I also stalk your house! Well just the decorations in it 🙂

AmyJuly 4, 2008

I admit…I am a blog stalker…I am seeking treatment though 🙂

Seriously though Jen, way to stand up for your rights. Others will think twice before they steal your work!

Michael HuskJuly 6, 2008


Okay, you’re on to me. I too have been “blog stalking” this wonderful site for some time now.

Thank you for including updates on family members and for the great pictures of those beautiful grandchildren!

Signed, A “Regular” Reader and an Admirer of Yours For Over 30 Years!

All My Love – Dad

Jenny and ScottJuly 7, 2008

I love reading your blog, Jen. And seeing the beautiful pictures. 🙂

Roger and JulieJuly 10, 2008

Hi Jen,
I get better every day. SLOW!!
I miss ya all. You can tell me the truth if you think the photos of Roger and I didn’t turn out. I was so hot and sweaty!! I won’t take it personaly. You are the best ever!! I enjoy your blog. I spend a lot of time looking aroung. It’s FUN. Julie

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