Blogging on Mac vs PC

So, I assume there are some MAC users out there as well as some PC users that may freqent my blog! Hopefully they are few as it’s come to my attention now that my blog has been pretty messed up for my Mac friends, thanks Marnee for looking out for me =) Sorry Mac friends! As you may have noticed, I have had a few diferent backgrounds and changes going on in my blog the past couple of weeks. My good friend Alyson has been trying to give me a better look to my blog that isn’t the overused background you see here. She finally perfected the look TODAY after many hours of working on it and learning to read/adjust the code! I wanted a bar on top with a photo and she was finally able to have that show correctly. BUT, what I also learned today is that MAC users were seeing a VERY different view to my blog and it was pretty messed up and unprofessional looking, so having found that out, I am back to generic my friends…=( and poor Alyson can only be proud of her works from what she learned, not by what she has to show for it!

I am not hosted through blogger which limits my blogging options considerably. I did this so that my blog address would be my own business name and not have “blogspot” attached to it. Over the coming months I am doing an overhaul to my business and it’s “look.” Once I settle on that, I will hopefully be able to have a newly designed blog look. In the meantime if you know of someone who specializes in customizing blogger blogs, send me their info! And if you can tell me how to make the code consistent from PC to Mac, I’d love to know that too! I am about to take my first plunge into the wonderful world of Mac and now I am realizing how nervous I am cuz it seems it is VERY different =)

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Marnee MarriottJune 23, 2008

Wahoo! I get to see your beautiful blog as it is meant to be seen! I HOPE I wasn’t the only one that had problems. Maybe it was just me. Were there others out there?!??! It’s got to be a internet explorer vs. safari thing. Hmmm… Wish I knew more. LOVE THE MAC, though. Just upgraded to 7 GB of RAM. WOW! I’m loving how fast this thing is. Guess that was my problem these last couple weeks.

NicoleJune 25, 2008

Matt might be able to help with the coding. We will talk!

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