Here’s the latest reason I’m not get a lot of work done…

You probably can’t tell as good in the pic but I have 3 blistered fingers on my right hand and a blistered thumb on the left. That means typing and working with the mouse is a little less comfortable today!

I was getting pizza out of the oven last night. It’d been in there 15 minutes at 450 and apparently the hot pad that was on the counter had gotten damp. It was not wet to the touch, but I used it to take the pan out, I didn’t feel the burning flesh until it was too late and the pan was in my hand, my automatic instinct was to grab the pad with my left hand to lift it off and alleviate the pain on my right fingers…I did that really fast before throwing the whole thing onto the stove. It was obviously too late and I burned fingers on BOTH my hands which made for an interesting night! I had immediate blisters and INTENSE burning pain unless they were soaking in ICE COLD water. The cold water took the edge off a little but I couldn’t let my hands out of it at all. So I soaked my hands for 7 hours straight and then slept with an ice rag, I was actuazlly surprised I was able to sleep all night and the pain is so much better today! Next time I think I will just scrap the dinner and drop the whole thing on the floor, or maybe I will be more dilligent about checking the hot pad for moisture first!

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janelleJuly 16, 2008

POOR JEN!! I’m sorry…wish I could love on you…

nellyJuly 16, 2008

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Your fingers looked to sad and painful last night.

MaryJuly 17, 2008

OUCH!! I HATE it when I burn myself!!

Marnee MarriottJuly 18, 2008

Do you want to come over and recover with me? 🙂

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