Rainy Day Schedule…

If I were not stuck to my chair with some head pressure making me want to explode and a to do list as long as Santa’s toy requests, I think we’d be on rainy day schedule around here…

the windows would be open (with the heat on)…
hot chocolate would be brewed…complete with marshmallows…
the kids would gear up in jackets for the 5 seconds of a small drizzle they might see this year…
I would make hot, homemade chicken noodle soup with yummy fluffy PILLSBURY biscuits
(cuz I don’t make the other kind)
maybe I would clean
cuddle up to a Christmas movie on the couch with the kids
maybe I’d teach the kids thumbs up 7-up like I used to play on rainy days at school
daddy would come home early, cuz rainy days need daddy’s around
and we’d have a fire going too!

Instead it was a great daydream (thus the reason for the post)

My hands are icy…so are my toes. I just texted my husband a nice message…”forget it honey…I turned the heat up, if I’m going to be sick and working like crazy…I’m going to do it with warm limbs.”

And that’s where I am…now back to work!

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heidiDecember 17, 2008

that is a lovely day dream…. if only!

commuterdudeDecember 19, 2008


I’m issuing a challenge for you to take a few hours and make your dream happen. Christmas only comes once a year, sit back and enjoy it!

Your problems and work will always be there when you return, but the time you spend curled up in front of a warm fire, eating Pillsbury biscuits and watching a Christmas movie, all the while making memories with your beautiful children is time very well spent for each of you!

Enough preaching, make it happen. The simply things are what memories are made of.

Love you,
– Dad

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S e a r c h