I wish there was never a September 11th…I remember being asleep that morning and we had recieved two early phone calls, we ignored both, we were still sleeping. When we did figure it out, I didn’t really understand the great magnitude of what this meant. I stayed glued to the tv, Reuben went to work, he came home early that day and the world pretty much shut down. The stores closed and businesses closed, it’s the only time I can remember that everyone just STOPPED. I stayed fixed on the coverage and I truly believed the thousands of people in the WTC rubble would be found, it was too hard to believe otherwise. We had just gotten pregnant with our first child, I remember in the weeks following that I was so scared to be having a baby and wondering if I should bring a child into this scary world!

On this anniversary of the day this country suffered great loss, I am reminded that I am so grateful for my freedom and for the many people that lost their innocent lives! More importantly I am thinking today about the families of those great people that have had to live without their loved ones, I REALLY REALLY can’t even imagine! And despite all the people that continually complain about the war, I support our great military, I support them by not complianing about the war and instead praying for them and their safety! I have family members who serve our country and I’m grateful to them and their families for this great sacrafice they give, it truly takes unique individuals (and families) to put their life on the line for us…THANK YOU MILITARY!
Say a prayer for victims affected by the war and 9/11 today…wouldn’t it be nice if they could feel the effect of our prayers, especially on such a hard day?

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Marnee MarriottSeptember 11, 2008

Thanks for doing this post. Very well said.

JennySeptember 14, 2008

Great post, Jen. I remember hearing about it on the radio on the way to work, but it didn’t really connect as to what was happening. Then I got to school, turned on the TV and watched as the 2nd plane hit the towers. In shock I also saw the towers fall. I had to turn off the TV because my 4th graders couldn’t/shouldn’t have to handle seeing all the sorrow that day. Needless to say, I was a very preocupied teacher that day. And I pray for everyone who was affected and still is affected by the 9/11 tradegy.

Cody and NicoleSeptember 16, 2008

you rock! I’m so sad we didnt get to say goodbye to so many people. It happened so fast. We totally love it here, even though it’s only like 5 degrees cooler, it seems so much cooler and nice to be outside! Anyway, the ward is amazing, just like Desert Sky. i’m glad you blogged, i guess I should have called…talk about lame. but the blogs will keep us in touch!

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