A disappointment I tell ya…

When Brennan woke up today I heard an almost immediate, tearful, emotional breakdown coming from him. He had slept in a bit and my first thought was “no…not sickness before vacation!” Upon entering the room I found I too was sad for him…you see, he’s had this FRONT tooth kind of just “barely there” for almost a week, I was DYING for it to be GONE! Last night someone came over…a med student whom we told Brennan was a Dr. Brennan stood ever so calmly (far cry from this experience with his first tooth) and allowed him to just YANK it out…and in one pull, it was GONE! He didn’t cry, he was so excited! And then his Daddy cleaned up the kitchen and that napkin with the little white baby tooth got cleaned up too! No worries, after some looking, we found it! So that was last night, and even after all this excitement and worry would you EVEN BELIEVE…


How could he? she?

We had plenty of explanations…

“sometimes it takes the fairy a few days”
“you didn’t get on the ‘schedule’ in time…you lost your tooth late you know”
“maybe there were just a LOT of kids losing teeth in the last week of school”

I felt bad…especially when he reminded me in the next tearfilled breakdown 10 seconds later that “he doesn’t get to celebrate his birthday at school…” his birthday is next week, school always ends a few days before his birthday.

I adjusted my morning schedule and was sure to get to the store, cookies, milk and cups were purchased and promptly delivered after lunch to a class filled with kids watching a movie along with “baby sister” he loves showing her off.

To my surprise he hardly said hello to me, didn’t hug me when he came to help pass out the cookies either, or notice his sister. He almost smiled when the kids sang happy birthday, cha cha cha and all, while he stood on a chair…and when all the kids said “thank you Brennan’s mommy” on my way out, he looked my way, but was too involved in the movie they were watching to wave goodbye or say thanks.

But I’m pretty sure he got to feel special with his friends.
And I felt a LITTLE less low about myself.

Picture taken a few months ago when he was missing another lower tooth.

Picture taken a few months ago when he was missing another lower tooth.

goodbye cute baby teeth that are too small for your growing mouth…
welcome (sigh) awkward smiling days where your teeth might be too big and you hate pictures and no longer know how to smile.

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BeckyMay 20, 2009

Been there, done that. The more teeth that were lost in this family the more the Tooth Fairy didn’t come when she was supposed to. Very dissappointing! And Brennan is just preparing you for what it’s REALLY going to be like when he’s a teenager!

LindaMay 21, 2009

The tooth fairy has pulled that here several times. The worst was when Lindsay was about 8. We were staying at Kevin’s sisters house and the tooth fairy didn’t show up for 2 nights in a row. The third morning, that fairy had apparently made 4 trips…
Loved the Preschool Mother’s Day! I’m totally stealing that idea for next year. And of course you’ll just have to act surprised.

jrstarchMay 21, 2009

I will gladly say the tooth fairy skipped our house once too. Sam was heartbroken also!! I think the “extra” the next night helped him forget his disappointment.

BethanyMay 23, 2009

Sometimes if you look really closely you may find that the tooth fairy accidently dropped the money in the crack and she just let you keep the tooth to show your friends at school. She does that for us all the time.

LaurenMay 24, 2009

That was so sweet. You are such a good mommy Jen. Just another sign that your little boy is growing up.

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