cute little kids…

This post was NEARLY done when I left for vacation a week ago, but I just couldn’t get it online and every intention of “working” on vacation just didn’t happen…well beyond the 6 or 7 photo shoots I did on vacation =)

Here are my nieces and nephew! Despite only living a mile away from me, mom and dad have no pics of these kids up in their house…I decided it was time for force and so for Christmas I made them promise to let me take their kids pictures in the spring =) So…we finally did and yeah it always takes me forever to edit for my family…sorry family!!

Onto the cute pics…Skyler sure loved the camera, seriously she just looks like a little model!


This is Sam. He and my Brennan sure have a blast together, it’s fun having them so close in age!!

And little Sariah…this girl has a smile that is infectious and a personality you just have to adore! She loves my Dawson (they are only weeks apart) even though I’m pretty sure he’s not very nice to her! She is the happiest little girl ever. And how can you not adore a kid with glasses? It just magnifies the cuteness!


Thanks guys for letting me do the pictures! Now let’s update your walls so people know you have another child beyond a toddler named Sam!

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ReubenMay 28, 2009

Those kids are cute! Nice work Jen (that’s for both of you!).

jrstarchMay 28, 2009

Deal! Pick a day and we will come over! Thanks a bunch too cute (but I know I am biased).

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