Downtown Phoenix Family Session

Well I wish I could say this session was a piece of cake with no snags…unfortunately it wasn’t quite that, but despite the odds, we got some great pics! Suprisingly, the family and these adorable kids were NOT the problem. It’s the random people who found it necessary to harass us while we roamed the PUBLIC streets of downtown Phoenix that really started to get to me! Like SERIOUSLY…do you need to “stake your claim” to that hideous, run down wall and alley because heaven forbid THAT be in MY picture? And to have another photographer seek me out as a client just to give me the 3rd degree in the MIDDLE OF MY SHOOT…yeah, it wasn’t a pretty site, but thankfully the family was awesome and understanding. Now I’d just LOVE to talk to the people who harassed me, you know in a normal way, like not during my shoot when I’m in my office! I hope they see these and call me…
And now back to the amazing photos that inspired this post!

That last shot was completely inspired by an awesome photographer who I follow regurlarily. She loves jumping shots and I guess I never realized how fun they are…and little Janey was just so good, so I’m definitely gonna have to try this again! You should check out Wendy’s work…she’s super fun, her work’s amazing, and I do enjoy her fresh style in photography!

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Sally HuskApril 28, 2009

What the heck happened? I want to know details! Man if I was there…lets just say I wouldn’t have been so nice either!!! I haven’t been exactly in the mood for that kind of stuff lately…LOVE the shots though, such a cute, adorable family 🙂 And I like how you’re doing all these industrial, downtown shots lately, great work! Love ’em!!!

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