My photos…

My husband crankily (yes that is a word) informed one minute ago that I need to make a change…”your photos are too big.”  I sat there confused, we weren’t discussing anything in particular, I thought…

 the ones on the wall?

 my large file sizes on the computer?

 the ones I just printed?

what are you talking about? 

Then he says, “seriously, it’s starting to bug me…you need to make your blog images smaller.” 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…really?  They are too big? 

So, apparently on MY SCREEN they look great, but on OTHER screens that aren’t as big as mine, maybe they are just TOO big. 

So, I’m asking you…are my images too big?  Cuz now I’m getting a complex…(I might post the next set a bit smaller just to see…but base your answer off my PREVIOUS posts).

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ErinMay 8, 2009

They are big, but I don’t think they are too big. I think you should keep them the way they are.

emilyMay 8, 2009

okay here’s my two cents (tink…tink…) for wedding/babies etc. go big! we love it. but for personal/family maybe medium? either way your work is amazing and speaks for itself. -em

JRStarchMay 8, 2009

When I check at school they are big (I have to scroll around to see the whole thing) but at home it fits on the screen so it is ok. I always thought it was just my computer 🙂

TammyMay 9, 2009

Not too big on my screen. Keep them the same.

AlysonMay 10, 2009

When I look at them in google reader, I have to scroll around to see the whole image. But when I look directly on your blog, they look great! Big is Beautiful, Reuben!!

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