My Saving Grace…

Meet Lindsay…the person who keeps me sane, gives me a break, ensures the children get fed at least once a day and sometimes even helps to make sure I get fed once a day =) (alright…you got me…I sort of usually don’t forget that one!).

Lindsay is my new nanny, replacing her sweet sister Amber who we wore out was working two jobs and never having downtime and her hubby recently got a new job so now they can spend more time together!!

So Lindsay pretty much saves the day…like EVERYDAY! She’s a master of multi-tasking who can carry my brute of a 4yr old while he screams in his most dramatic voice, “mother…i need my MUUUTHER” because he needed to tell me something about a million times a day! She distracts Emery who sees her brothers come in the office, cries and wants to be with me right away! She manages to clean up AND take care of the children, keeps them laughing and playing and honestly, she’s starting to make me look bad, cuz on the days she’s not here, dinner usually not made and the house…oh it’s a site…and my husband probably wonders why on earth he has a wife!! So…thanks for that Lindsay…needless to say, we’re SO HAPPY to have you…and now, here she is in her cuteness for her senior pictures!

Congratulations on graduating Lindsay! I know you’ll do well, just don’t do too well…too soon, refer to the end of paragraph 3 if you aren’t sure why. =)

Oh and for the record…cuz I’ve gotten so many comments and am bound to get more…yes…she is a “nanny” aka…child care provider in my home who keeps things sane around here. And yes, I need one, because you see, I’ve been saving up a years worth of Oprah shows so I can watch them while someone changes diapers on my behalf.

Come on people…do you think the computer goes into autopilot to edit, retouch, number, size, upload and order these images for you to see? Um…yeah it doesn’t and yeah Oprah’s the last thing on my mind when I have someone here so that I can work. It’s the same as putting my kids in child care, except I am here and I can be with them if needed…and they get to stay in their own home, and that makes it so worth it!

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AmberMay 15, 2009

What a cutie!

NIcoleMay 17, 2009

so when are you going to catch up on Oprah?

BethanyMay 23, 2009

Lindsay is the best! One of my favs!!!

Erica HanksJune 4, 2009

She’s a beautiful girl! Awesome pics!

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