Perkins Family Session

I go way back with these guys…they’ve always been like family to me! They kind of had to adopt me and my roommates in college, I mean, I don’t think they chose to, but somehow they did…and we were pretty glad! We’d call on Darin when we needed to move or if the brakes were squeaking or something was wrong on the car. We’d call up randomly and ask what was on their dinner menu and LITERALLY invite ourselves over…um…I still feel bad about this one, who makes enough food for 4 extra “spur of the moment” mouths?


We babysat the two boys a lot in return. I won’t embarass them and tell the details of how Dallas would hide under bathroom cabinets and refuse to talk to us and how Dillon would cry so long when mom and dad left that he’d turn purple. Or how he loved if we’d make the “pig” sound for him over and over and for some reason, we always obliged to get his smile!

Yeah, we have had some good times with this family, including some recent bonding in Havasupai when Darin kept my husband from jumping from an insane height cliff (much to his dismay) since it was at the very falls where Alisa was hurt last year, no chances needed to be taken and for that I was grateful!!

Onto the pics of this wonderful family…


Kelsey is quite beautiful.

Kelsey is quite beautiful.

The pics of Kamryn remind me of my younger pics...blonde hair and it.

The pics of Kamryn remind me of my younger pics...blonde hair and it.


Love this of Darin watching his kids.

Love this of Darin watching his kids.





And congrats to Carey who recently graduated from ASU…love the perserverance to go back to school when your kids are in school…that’s a LOT of work!


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NellyJune 9, 2009

Great photos Jen. I just love the Perkins!

AlysonJune 9, 2009

Those turned out good! Carey said she was afraid none of them would. That’s funny that you said that about dinner. I was just thinking that while I was driving home yesterday. How did she always have enough to feed FOUR extra mouths at the last minute? I don’t make that much dinner! And I liked Dallas’s senior photos too!

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