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I took a few classes at Imaging that talked all about Photoshop CS4. It’s AMAZING and I’m super excited to get it for myself…there were a few very valuable things that would make my design work SO MUCH easier!!

For any of you that work in photoshop, I thought I’d tell you one of the tricks that was seriously SOOOOOOOOOOO EASY that most of us in the class didn’t know! It applies to any version of photoshop, although I’m not sure about Elements. We actually had a round of applause to the instructor for this one SUPER SIMPLE tip…if only Adobe made it easier in the program to figure it out!!

So, you know how you have a ruler at the top of the page with all the little lines in between each inch? Have you ever opened your calculator to try and figure out the dead center of that ruler or to help space your images properly? Well, not any more! Right click on the ruler on top and select percentage and you can easily see the ruler in a percentage form rather than inches. There’s also pixels, centimeters and others if you’d use those!

In that very moment all sleeplessness and monies paid was worth coming to the Conference…except to be quite honest, there were SO MANY of those moments during those 3 days!

So, was this tip helpful to you? If it was, let me know. And if you already knew this, keep your comments to yourself, I’d rather not know if you are smarter than me.

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heidiJanuary 15, 2009

awesome, it’s always nice to be remotivated in anything.

thanks for the tip, i sometimes hate trying to use that ruler because it doesn’t give me the info i want, that helps, thanks!

tcannonJanuary 27, 2009

Jen, I can’t figure out CS3…but I do remember the ruler. I’ll have to dig out my notes from my class and try it. You are such an inspiration! Love your work! Thanks, Tanya 🙂

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