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This adorable red head recently had his birthday, last week to be exact. This year he celebrates 8 years! I can’t believe it…I think this means I’m getting old. He has grown to be such a little stud. Super social, SUPER sporty, helpful when he wants and of course a tease being the big brother.


One thing I’ve really come to love and appreciate about Brennan though, is his love of learning. This kid can sit and do math or really any work for hours. He makes a game out of us giving him complex problems that he wants to figure out in his head. He has also grown to really love reading. The other night after being in bed for 2 hours, he came to my desk after 10pm to show me a paper. On it was a bunch of numbers…math problems in his own handwriting. The total sum of all the numbers I think was 284. He then began to show me a stack of books he’d just finished reading instead of being asleep like we asked. He added up the number of pages in each book and then brought me out the list so I could see how much he read! I thought it was the cutest thing…I was surprised it didn’t put him to sleep like it does me =) Along with his love of learning has been a budding testimony. He takes in everything he is taught about Jesus Christ and remembers it with so much detail. He loves to hear stories from the scriptures and is constantly objecting when we read together so he can ask questions or talk about what we’re reading. I LOVE this. If there is one thing I want my children to really learn it is a love for the gospel and an appreciation for all the joy it brings to our lives.


Today Brennan will be baptized. In our church children are able to be baptized at 8 years old. Brennan is so excited to take this step. And what’s more important is that he really understands why he needs to be baptized and he knows it is a special experience that will bring him many blessings.


Today we will celebrate with him. Proud that he has a desire to do what is right and grateful for the Lord’s hand in blessing our family.

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LindsayJune 5, 2010

WAY TO GO BRENNAN! You are such an amazing young man! I am very lucky to be taught by you 4 days a week 🙂 Your baptism was wonderful and I enjoy your sweet spirit.

MarneeJune 7, 2010

We love you Brennan! Thanks for being such a great example to all those around you! Man, you are one HANDSOME man!

NellyJune 9, 2010

Good job Brennan!

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