Halloween – a wee bit late

We did do a little Halloween around here.  Admittedly I don’t so much love this holiday.  I mean I always want costumes that work with each other and I never care to spend too much money and so all in all, it’s not a great mix ya know?  But this year we did well.  No the costumes didn’t go with each other…I have two boys who differ and have a lot of opinions so I’ve given up on the idea they will ever coordinate again.  BUT, I did succeed in the “not spending too much money” part which really made me and my hubby happy…a win win!

First up, the CUTEST lil’ Pirate ya ever did see!  We borrowed this adorable homemade costume and she was a sassy lil thing in it…(thanks Lisa).

We were sure having a hard time finding Dawson for his photo moment…maybe you can see why.


Watch out…he seriously means business.


No doubt that little B is fulfilling a future life dream in his costume.  Now all we need is the real tv coverage and the NFL and he’s set…or so he thinks.



PS…After he BEGGED for a real helmet to go with the pads we already have I nearly choked when I found out a new helmet cost WAY TOO MUCH! So, thanks to Craigslist, some detergent, spray paint and reassembly I had a great helmet and was only out $20 instead of $60-$80. LOVE THAT.


At my sisters we found some other awesome cuteness…

The best darn firefighter ever…(not to mention the big birthday boy).


This pirate was just as sassy, but a little more scary than the one we brought.


We all know that no Halloween is complete without Charlie Brown…I knew Charlie was cute…but I didn’t expect to want to gobble him up =)

I had to watch my back…this really scary witch kept coming around…


You’re scared of her too aren’t you?

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