The Birth of Owen – AZ Birth Photography

This was such an AMAZING birth story and I’m excited to share it with you.  This is an example of how birth is never exactly what you dream it might be. These two were expecting their first baby and thus had no experience to compare how the delivery would be. What started out as a standard delivery turned out to be a long, painful and extremely difficult delivery.  Little Owen just wouldn’t come down and poor mom labored for an amazing 38 hours.  The level of exhaustion she endured was crazy, not to mention the pain, agony and worry for a first delivery.  Despite the circumstances Jen was incredible and beautiful throughout the whole ordeal.  She had so much strength and determination and in the end she was able to deliver that baby boy and avoid the inevitable C-section that was so close to being done.

Here is the slideshow of Owen’s birth experience.  You may want to grab a tissue…

And when you are done watching, leave a little message for Jen and all the incredible women who go through SO MUCH to bring beautiful little children into our world!

Congratulations Russ and Jen and thanks SO MUCH for allowing me to document and share this personal experience.

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MarneeJune 7, 2010

Congrats Russ and Jen! Wow… what a great way to document such an incredible story! One, that Owen should have to watch EVERY year as a form of gratitude for all you went through! Jen, you did an amazing job as always really capturing the emotion of the day(s)!

LindaJune 7, 2010

Absolutely beautiful. I would give anything to have slideshow like this from when my kids were born.

NildaJune 7, 2010

WOW!!! What a woman!!! Jen P, you’re amazing! I always knew Russ would find a wonderful woman, and he did. I can’t imagine anyone else being as perfect for him as you are. So amazing to see Owen’s birth story in pictures. It was cool to see you capture Russ’ worry, concern and love during the process. I can only imagine how difficult that was for him to watch. You both will be awesome parents. Little Owen is very blessed. Thank you to both Jen’s for sharing.

JanelleJune 7, 2010

Awesome work….to both Jens!!!! It was beautiful! And he is BEAUTIFUL!!!

BethanyJune 8, 2010

Jenn, that was beautiful!

JennyJune 15, 2010

That was beautiful. Jen, you did a great job being their photographer, and Jen–I don’t know you, but I know Russ. I’m so glad you are together. What a wonderful blessing. Owen is so cute.

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