We interrupt this blogging hiatus to bring you pictures of the sweetest, most loveable and kissable baby boy!

These photos have been a long time coming, but you see we’ve had a WEE bit going on over here.  We don’t recommend moving the same week you have a baby especially when you have as much crap as we have, all right during the super busy holiday season, and THEN sending your hubby in for a big surgery so you can monopolize on the maxed out deductible!!

On the bright side…things are looking up ’round here! And I hope to come back and share more of our holidays and recent family happenings.

But first, back to Easton…

he’s beautiful and perfect and cuddly and sweet…and we can’t get enough of him! We are sure happy to have his little spirit to complete our little big family.

Born on 11-1-11 @ 6:29pm weighing 8lbs, 5oz and 21 3/4 inches! He was my biggest baby, but it’s all relative since he was overdue and the others were on time or early.  His full name, Easton Dean Garbett, the “Dean” named after both sides of my family…my grandma was named LueDeen and also Dean is the last name of my aunt and uncle on my Dad’s side of the family. They have played a critical role in my life as second parents to me throughout my years growing up, it’s an honor to pass their name onto this sweet boy!

Here are some of his newborn photos which proved to be HARD to capture and took place over his first 2-3 weeks of life!

And for my own record keeping, a little more about his birth…he was due to be born on October 30th, much to my dismay as I REALLY wanted to avoid the Halloween weekend birthdays for the rest of our life.  All efforts to have an EARLY baby proved ineffective since I was not progressing and it seemed he was not the least bit ready to join us.  As I mentioned, we were MOVING…as in we moved days before he came and finished the weeks after he was born (p.s. REALLY REALLY SUCKY TIMING).  When it came down to the weekend he was due with moving and halloween and my dr. NOT on call, I opted to do less lifting/unpacking and more frequent breaks with the feet up to hold him inside and try to hold out for a November baby.  Halloween I walked like a mad woman with those kids trick or treating everywhere…and as miserable as I was, no baby signs.  I was on schedule to be induced the next day. I headed to bed around midnight and got up and called at 3am as instructed, and was pushed back due to the hospital being busy. And again the same scenario happened at 5am and 8am…oh, you’ve never seen a more frustrated, depressed pregnant lady in your life!!  At 8:45am after a night of NO SLEEP, I had sufficiently felt sorry for myself and decided to get up and have a baby. My husband came home from taking kids to school (who every morning for the last 3-4 woke up HOPING we had gone to the hospital in the night and were disappointed to see us), I had my running shoes on and we got the stroller out to start walking.  I insisted on pushing the stroller and walking as fast as possible until my body hurt. It didn’t take very long until the contractions started (as they already had plenty of other times but usually stopping before they really progressed).  Reuben stopped to take Emery to the playground while I continued on in my uncomfortable body walking as fast as I could and trying to feel miserable.  I could tell the contractions were coming close and about the time I decided I would need to stop at home for a bathroom break, my phone rang and the hospital called to bring me in! Hurray! I went home, took a quick shower and off we went. Thankfully when I got there I was already contracting on my own pretty frequently and labor was already underway.  The day was perfect. I got settled, got my epidural and relaxed and enjoyed myself for probably my easiest labor.  The delivery itself was my most special one yet and if I ever get to my birth photos, I will consider sharing some of those details. We are so happy to have the pregnancy phase over with (hallelujah!) and enjoying every bit of the newborn among us.  We are also happy to have a NOVEMBER baby with a cool birthdate, rather than a Halloween baby…Easton will appreciate that later too I hope!

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Jennifer SmithDecember 31, 2011

He is precious Jenn

KatieDecember 31, 2011

Ha! Cal was a November 1st baby too, and I remember going to the same great lengths to avoid a Halloween birthday!

These pictures are GORGEOUS. I can only hope my boy is HALF as cute as Easton!

heidiJanuary 1, 2012

what a handsome guy! and that visor, oh my cuteness. hope things are settling down a bit for your family.

Marnee MarriottJanuary 5, 2012

So excited to finally see these! He is beautiful! Can’t wait to really catch up with you!!!!

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