Somehow these images never posted even though I actually prepped them on the 1st day of school…for once!

We managed to not only finish off a successful first day of school, but we are into week 3 and things are moving RIGHT along…except for Mondays and some other days, but compared to this time last year…I’ll take it =)

Here they are as we get ready to walk over…all smiles and Brennan anxious as usual to get to have his “morning recess” and playtime.

Brennan entering 4th grade…oh boy, this kid is getting big, he’s learning cursive and division and fractions and now I can actually recall SOME of my school experiences at his age…

He is stylin’ and fun, social and smart…he’s the perfect little student and I couldn’t be more proud or happier about that!

Dawson is starting 1st grade.  He is apprehensive, but excited, dependent and SLOW most mornings…he is still indecisive about the fun that is to be had when you get there in time for morning recess…much to his brother’s dismay.  We have to really work with him…well both of them actually…to wear something OTHER than basketball shorts and T’s everyday…we set clothes out on Sundays and it’s frequently a fight to get Dawson especially to wear the “nicer” clothes…little stinker!


It’s official…I am now “embarassing”.  I love it! He wouldn’t make eye contact with me as I stood in the classroom trying to take a picture…his friends told him I was there and he refused to look until he finally buried his head…


And before I would leave I got a quick look and smile…

I can’t wait to be “embarassing” even more this year and for years to come =)

And back to 1st grade where we knew drop off wouldn’t go quite as smoothly…



It took some coaxing to get him inside the classroom…this is when we KNEW the inevitable would happen…

Notice the smile is now “pre-meltdown”?

All of his classmates were so cute trying to get him happy and to stay and he wasn’t having it…the teacher said “just go, he’ll be fine…” yeah, she doesn’t know my Dawson…he follows!


And back outside for “the talk”…


And then the floodgates opened…

He never did go back in on his own. We had to resort to our fallback plan since he really won’t separate from us easily and we could be there an hour having “the talk.”

“The fallback plan” including kicking Daddy out of there…much more attached to his Daddy than mean ol’ mom.  Then we walked to the office to find one of his favorite office workers Miss Heidi.  She’s sweet as can be and took him by the hand and for a walk through the library and around the school where she finally dropped him at his classroom.

Consequently these episodes seem to repeat on MONDAYS…or the first day back after being gone.  It’s a “pull at your heartstrings, while ripping your hair out” challenge for me.  I hate that he hates to go, but he ALWAYS comes home happy and has a good day once he separates from us…and frankly, it’s good for him to be there.  We are working through it…for the 4th year now (preschool years and school years).  I fear he might stay this way forever, but I pray he begins to see the love in getting away for a day of learning and play with friends.  I’m just trying to be grateful that the hard days haven’t been more frequent than the good days…and that is a HUGE step from kindergarten last year.

And as for my sidekick Miss Emery…she’s enjoying home time with mom and frankly is always asking for “friends”. I told her that her baby brother would be here soon for her to play with…she said, “no, I don’t like boyfriends mom, I just like girlfriends”…a wise little girl I must say!

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heidiSeptember 1, 2011

you kids looked so cute! those desk’s bring back so many memories of my childhood at that school! so fun to see! poor Dawson, he reminds me so much of my son Preston. Today for the first time we took him to gymnastics class and at first it wasn’t going well and suddenly after the warm up run was over and it was time to just be with his class he did everything. I was so happy and hope it will help him get through this difficult stage.

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