The Homestretch…

We’re in the homestretch and I feel REALLY happy about that part.  About 4 weeks to go unless he wants to make his grand entrance early…hint hint.

5 Reasons I KNOW this is not my first baby…

1.  I loathe Dr. Appointments and could really do without them. Doc comes in, “any concerns or questions?”  At this point I’ve decided OB’s really are probably tired of the general pregnant woman complaining about the frequent pregnancy aches and pains…so rather than tell him it feels as though my baby will fall through my pelvis at any given moment, I nod and tell him everything is just fine.

2. I have no nursery…no clothes out/washed and haven’t even filled out my hospital paperwork much less thought about packing a bag…I know I need to do at least a couple of those, thanks for the reminder.

3. I have NO IDEA of the baby’s name…boys are hard names for us to agree on…I wish I could say we are “actively” working on it, “passively” is probably more accurate though.

4. I went 8 months without spending a DIME on baby gear. No clothes, cute shoes or hats, nursery must haves or even a pack of diapers…I was actually pretty proud of myself and plan to do a little shopping once I get a handle on WHAT I need. FURTHERMORE…I scarcely even bought maternity clothes…I just didn’t feel like shopping so I lived with the same ol’ 5(ish) shirts and couple pairs of shorts…apologies for those who have had to be around me these past months…I promise to take better interest in my appearance someday soon.

And the last reason I can tell this isn’t my first (or 2nd or 3rd baby)…

5. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to my trusty friend google to find out how far along I am…”how many weeks pregnant am I?”  I just didn’t keep track…it helped it go by faster if I just didn’t pay attention.  Thanks google…you’re so reliable!

No doubt I’ve done my fair share of avoiding cameras the past 9 or so months…come on, baby #4…you mom’s don’t blame me right? But since lately I’m feeling very nostalgic… and for the sake of posterity…and because I’ve heard one too many “haven’t seen you pregnant” comments from out of towners…here’s a couple of pics I had my husband take about 6 weeks ago when we headed to Sedona for a night to celebrate 12 years of marriage!


And an up close of the means behind the heartburn…


This pregnancy was much the same as others, yet very different as well.  Here are a few things I won’t miss about this (or any) pregnancy…

METAL MOUTH…lasted for at least 6-7 months. I’d get a horrible metal taste in my mouth and became obsessed with brushing my teeth, trying every new flavor of gum and mints etc. Most the time it didn’t work.

NAUSEA…see item above. Metal mouth=nauseaous stomach…it was a vicious cycle.  I threw up less with this pregnancy than Emery’s but I was nauseous for about 6 1/2 months and STILL have nausea from time to time.

HEART BURN…just like everything else in my pregnancies, each one had longer and more magnified symptoms from previous pregnancies. I’ve had heartburn with all of them, but man, this time it’s out of control. I eat SO MUCH LESS this time around and even 4-5 hours AFTER my meal I will feel like I just had the biggest meal of my life that hasn’t digested and feels as though it is sitting in my throat. I take prevacid daily, it makes life slightly more bearable but does NOT take it away. Most nights I prop 3 pillows in my bed to fall asleep sitting up…

FATIGUE…so much for the 1st trimester sleepyness…this is an all trimester fatigue mixed with many nights of insomnia. When I questioned my Dr. how to help with my insomnia so I could get some sleep, he gently patted my arm and said, “don’t worry, it will get better when your kids turn 18.”  I had to laugh…I know it won’t get better even then.  That will probably make it worse for awhile, but I agree, I’m a mom to (almost) 4 now and I have bad sleep habits of going to bed too late anyway…and with middle of the night “awake hours” I just DON’T get enough sleep and frankly I always feel exhausted…which should make me good and ready for the next phase of newborn sleepless nights.

BELLY…I will not miss this belly and my inability to BEND/SQUAT.  Nor will I miss having a belly bigger than my chest (hey…keeping it real here peeps!).  And I definitely won’t miss all the times the baby stretches himself just above my belly button for hours while I poke his (head or bum) down trying to give my skin some relief all the while knowing I’m probably going to sport some major stretch marks in that spot because when he stretches it, I usually suffer for a few hours feeling like my skin is being pulled from all sides just in this small area mid-belly.

CIRCULATION…I usually don’t have the best circulation…compound that with pregnancy and I go to great lengths to maintain feeling in my limbs.  When I sleep I have to lay perfect so my hands aren’t up on a pillow or above me at all which leaves me waking up from the discomfort of no feeling in them. They can’t rest on my belly or my head or hang down…I just have to make sure my arms lay fairly flat to keep the circulation flowing so I don’t get woken up from it.

And lastly, I certainly won’t miss being SO EMOTIONAL all.the.time. Wow…I wouldn’t say I’m usually very emotional but when I can tear up in the middle of the grocery store or while watching a tv show…I KNOW that’s not me.  Granted, it’s been a ROUGH year and things have been stressful…but I’m looking forward to having SOME normalcy in a few more months when it comes to hormones and emotions…here’s hoping!

And now if I can just get through those last few weeks…life will be looking up for sure!  I’d much rather hold this baby in my arms than watch him cause mini earthquakes within the confinement of my belly.  And so would his dad…he has a thing about the belly movements…it’s REALLY NOT his thing.  I still take his hand and make him feel the baby with hiccups or have him watch all the movement going on…but it weirds him out. If only men could have just a taste of our pregnancy symptoms…if only!

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BeckyOctober 4, 2011

Oh Jen, I had forgotten about most of the things you described. Thanks for bringing me back. I hope the home stretch is nice to you and you’re not too uncomfortable. Just so you know, you don’t sleep any better once they turn 18. But little blue pills sure do help.

reubenOctober 4, 2011

Honey…I love you. You look great. I’m sorry I still think the little guy is more alien than baby moving around in there…and you are right…I wouldn’t be able to handle it! You are a trooper. I’m sorry its been so tough. Love you.

janelleOctober 4, 2011

YAY!! A picture! And for the record, you really, really do have an illness that you should get looked into! 🙂 You look BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve seen some pretty rough looking prego ladies, and you definitely are NOT one of them!! I think you make pregnancy look good!! Flaunt it!! Serious! Love the pics!! And the post was pretty funny also!

Katie ErbOctober 4, 2011

LOL! Soooo true! I compare my fourth pregnancy to my first, and I’m certain I’m not even the same person! Thanks for the laugh.

PS – You look SO cute!

Jen PerkinsOctober 4, 2011

I think you look awesome, Jen. Can’t wait to meet this little guy!

jrstarchOctober 4, 2011

After reading this maybe I shouldn’t be so eager for another… nope still feel the itch I’ll just forward the link to Kevin to warn him of what’s coming whether he likes it or not!!

AndreaOctober 4, 2011

OMGosh JEN…you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your hair too!! let it grow…you are one HOT mamacita:) I’m glad you only have a few more weeks left, all those things you wrote here made me NOT want to have more kids ( plus Naiya was really hard too) …I wish you the BEST with labor & everything else AMIGA!!!

Tricia WilsonOctober 15, 2011

Love this post. So great to record all the symptoms of your pregnancy. I agree with all the above comments. You do look amazing. The good news is… The end is near. I sure can’t wait to meet the little guy:) Love you so much. Your new blog is AWESOME!

ChristinaOctober 15, 2011

Scott was the same way about baby movements in the belly. He too said it was like an alien and didnt’t want to touch or feel the baby. I also know the feeling on the name. We had a hard time this last go round.

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