She’s T H R E E, really? Already?  Where did the last few years go?  How does it happen SO FAST? =(


My favorite parts of her at this age…

Her “smarts” like the way she tries to use reverse psychology ON US! Like when I tell her it’s time for bed and she proclaims “no it’s NOT…GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE” or how I tell her I’m leaving to go to work and she proclaims “YAY!! Mommy is home from work” or how every night at dinner when she refuses to eat what she’s served she tells us “I already ate dinner mommy” or when it’s time to go to class at church and she INSISTS “we already went to class” as though I’m going to believe her.  There are so many more times where I’m surprised to actually hear her give me the appropriate and OPPOSITE response to what is currently needed in a way that isn’t usually argumentative but typically a really HAPPY, PERSUASIVE way of trying to get us to do what SHE wants.


She LOVES her “milpy” (milk) and HATES nearly everything we serve for dinner but is quickly learning that treats aren’t served for non eaters.  She loves “lipsies” (lipgloss) and usually will sit still to get her hair done or especially for her nails to be painted. She’s pretty much…ALL GIRL which her mommy just LOVES.


She almost ALWAYS wakes up happy in the morning and almost always wakes up cranky from her nap.  She rarely runs out of energy at the end of the day and like her mommy takes FOREVER to fall asleep at night.  She’s frequently awake much longer than her brothers, sometimes in there talking and playing for almost an hour before finally falling asleep.  She loves her brothers and hates them too.  She has recently grown really close to Dawson and it’s pretty cute to see their little relationship develop.


She’s bossy. She scowls. She’s loud if she wants to be, even in the middle of church as we say “whisper” and she YELLS angrily back “STOP SAYING WHISPER!” She loves her daddy AND her mommy (I finally have made rank around here peeps!).

She is loveable but takes FOREVER to warm up to people.  She frequently says “I don’t like Papa, I only like bammy (grammy)” but has been known to play and climb on papa’s lap after a little bit of warming up.  She’s particular in who she likes…typically doesn’t like boys (yeah…let’s keep this one going) and only likes some girls.


She’s such a beautiful blessing to our family. She rounds out the rough and tumble boys with just the right amount of sassy and sweet!  She’s cuddly, she’s emotional, she’s a princess and for the most part she’s totally easygoing…a little something we needed after #1 & #2 =) We all just love her and I wish she could stay this age for awhile because I could listen to her talk and the cute little things she says FOREVER. Love you Miss Emery Kate!

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jrstarchFebruary 16, 2011

I think she likes me…most of the time…maybe. I sure LOVE her though!

BeckyFebruary 16, 2011

She sure is a cutie! I love your description of her. It’s a sad fact that they go and grow up. Time for another one.

ReubenFebruary 16, 2011

beautiful pics hon…who knew that a swing set could look so good!

Amanda CrandellFebruary 16, 2011

When I stopped at your house the other day Lyla was in the car. As we left she said, “that’s my friend, I need to play with her.” I bet they could be cute buddies! Emery is a doll!

AndreaFebruary 18, 2011

Awwww…she is so pretty!!! Feliz Cumpleaños Emery =)

MarneeFebruary 23, 2011

What a sweet post! She sure is a lot of fun over here… we really do enjoy having another girly girl come visit! And I love Reuben’s comment on “how beautiful the swing set is”! Ha! Most of us were just looking at that beautiful girl of yours!

MelyndaFebruary 24, 2011

Emery is sooooo cute!!!! Great photos and description of your sweet little girl!!

KatieMarch 1, 2011

that little girl needs to come back to gymnastics!!!

GrammyMarch 21, 2011

she is so beautiful and I love the fact that she does like me now. I love spending time with her. Love you Emmy

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