Easter 2012

Easter Sunday Recap…

Reuben and I spoke in church. Our week leading up to it was full of work deadlines, appointments, birthday party, family in town and lots of baseball practices and a game. Someone had to pull off Easter too.  Saturday we had to get rid of the kids because as it turned out two parents writing talks with 4 kids around is next to impossible!!  Thankfully we were able to get rid of the oldest 3 on Saturday while we focused on study and prep. Somehow by 2am the baskets were finished, the talks finished, the egg hunt was set, clothes for church ready and I finally went to bed @ 2:15am. Easton woke up at 4am and then cried for the next hour.  Reuben got up with him but I could hear him and couldn’t sleep.  When the kids got up 2 hours later I was less than excited to join them for their Easter excitement. They may, or may not have eaten candy for breakfast…hey…survival mode here.

After church we came home for an Easter feast. Everyone was a bit tired and cranky (especially Easton) and my desire to get great photos in our matching Easter color scheme was not happening.  This is the best we got…as it turns out, being a photographer makes you kind of picky about your own pictures and not having another “photographer” around makes it tough to get a great photo of your family on these special days!!  But…for posterity sake…here’s us…Easter afternoon.

OH MY GOSH…I love these kids. Look at how adorable they are…I might need a reshoot in these outfits…this time with a happy baby and no rushing to change and play (those kids were NOT interested in pictures…can’t say I blame them).






And here are their baskets…I loved the practicality…no crappy toys that will get tossed out…all things they needed and only two pieces of candy (they got a little more in the plastic eggs on the hunt).  Emery got some needed spring clothes and a bathing suit, the boys each needed shoes and some clothes, and they got football cards too, a new craze around our house. They were pleased as punch about this and I’m happy the items were useful rather than the cheap toys they always want and only play with for about 5 minutes.  Easton didn’t really get anything, I thought it might look a little suspicious so I put an outfit I got him awhile ago in a basket for him…looking forward to taking his pics in that once he can sit up good!

And there’s us…

Oh and how I LOVE him!  I really do.

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JanetApril 10, 2012

The coordinating outfits are beautiful!!! You are amazing. :). Great family photos!

marneeApril 10, 2012

You guys look great! Love the pics! So cute!

HaileeApril 10, 2012

How are these photos not perfect? I adore Easton’s expression in the kids photo. Cute cute cute and way to plan the outfits. I have yet to pull off a coordinated Easter wardrobe for everyone.

Jen PerkinsApril 10, 2012

The pic with with all 4 kiddos is adorable. Good job!

tricia WilsonApril 11, 2012

Your hair is so long! You look great. Love the photos and the outfits. The couch in the background even blends well with the colors:) So great that you got these photos. I was sad that I didn’t get Easter photos this year:( We miss your family!

AndreaApril 11, 2012

I loooooove each picture, outfits & colors….what a beautiful family you have 🙂 you are always AMAZING!

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