Emery’s Room

Ok…if you know me one thing you’ll know is I LOVE decorating.  And I don’t think I’m that good at it…but I’m really good at copying…thank you PINTEREST!!  And since I only get to have one little girl I guess she got spoiled since her room is the ONLY (mostly) finished room in our house.

Every week I love to check into some of my favorite decorating blogs yet I RARELY show off my own spaces.  CUZ there is ALWAYS SOMETHING I want to finish/redo and I never find my decorating really that “share” worthy.  Soooo, even though I have things I need to change or add to this room too…I’m going to share it anyway.  Because MAYBE you like decorating too?  Or looking at other’s decorating?  And if you don’t, at least you can appreciate the use of larger photos in her room on this old’ photography blog!!

If you see this post and want links to items purchased or paint colors, comment and I’ll try to get my act together and add that on here sometime (cut me some slack I did say this is a PHOTOGRAPHY blog)…but I’m guessing maybe no one cares? I’m going with that for now…

The misses is the only girl so she gets her own room right now…and because of that we did a Queen bed so it can double as a guest room when visitors come.  It’s been VERY handy and already used plenty of times…

Above…the kitchen is actually supposed to be in our playroom and I wanted to make a reading space with that rug and chair, but I haven’t done the book holders yet so the kitchen works…and Easton loves to go play at it, which works for me…

Below…the frame is a Custom Frame with a 20×20 pic of Emery at age 2 riding her trike…I super duper LOVE it.  Don’t EVER underestimate the use of LARGE prints in decor.  Also below…I kind of need HELP with the shelves and that wall is calling for another large print, but I haven’t found/taken the right one.  Let me know if you have an opinion on improving the wall with the shelves…feels busy and lacks STATEMENT…(thus the no up close photos of it).

Oh and the cute little wall by the door…with some of my favorite outfits when she was a wee babe…love.  Hooks are flowers from Pottery Barn Kids from a few years ago.

Alright, I didn’t show the closet that my husband built out with shelves and I painted pink and I didn’t show much detail…so in “decor talk” this is a fail share…but I hope you enjoyed my pics a little anyway…maybe sometime I’ll take a few more if I get that other wall improved.

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Rachel ManwaringOctober 3, 2012

Oh I LOVE her room! It’s the perfect little girl’s room!! And for the record you are AMAZING at decorating, I always love everything you do!….You should have shown her cute pink closet….I love that too!

Marnee MarriottOctober 3, 2012

Oooh… it looks soooo good! Kate says, “That’s not Emery’s room!” Has it really been that long since we have played?!?!?! A sleepover is in order for sure! I love everything you did! Congrats! Makes me want to finish Kate’s room now. I got so far, and then NOTHING. I am so close. How come it is so hard to finish the little details?

Tricia WilsonOctober 4, 2012

Jen- This is so precious! I love her bed spread. Just don’t let her have chocolate milk without a stopper:) Love the hanging outfits with her blessing dress. So cute! Sofie loves her kitchen in her room. I love it. She must be your favorite girl:)

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