birth photography


Birth Photography is a unique opportunity to capture and remember one of the most emotional moments of your life.  Whether you are planning a natural home birth, a hospital birth or even if you are going in for a scheduled C-Section, we can capture all of the anticipation and the very tender first moments when your baby takes their first breath.  We work with you to ensure your birth story is told just the way you want it.  Whether that means you want every last moment of pain and anguish documented or you if you want a more discreet experience capturing emotions and moments and allowing you plenty of privacy and quiet time throughout your labor.  We respect your personal desires and photograph your birth in a tasteful way.  We always stay out of the way as to not distract or disturb you throughout this precious time.  Best of all, your partner and other people present can focus on their support of you and you won’t have to worry about images that are dark, blurry or just don’t turn out because they weren’t professionally taken.

As a mom of four children, there are only a handful of moments I can recall from each delivery, those moments are the ones I was sure to have captured by someone else.  The tender kiss my husband gave me as we looked through tearfilled eyes at our firstborn for the first time is one moment that I will always cherish.  Many people aren’t sure having a stranger in their birth is the right thing for them, I assure you that the images we capture will outlast your memory allowing you to relive that special experience WITH your child when they are old enough to enjoy it.

Birth photography packages start at $800.  For complete pricing and inclusions please contact us.

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