She’s FIVE

It’s hard to believe that this baby girl is F I V E…but she shows me everyday how grown up she really is!  I’m a little sad because 5’s a big number that symbolizes INDEPENDENCE from mom…school is on the horizon and I’m not so sure I’m excited about that.

I am however excited to celebrate this girl and all of her goodness…

She is still a pretty high dose of sweet with a mix of some spice and drama every day.  She LOVES all things above, but aboveall she loves music and dancing, and says she wants to be a babysitter when she grows up.  She’s amazing at individual quiet play…it’s like we have a teenager already, she shuts her door, turns on her music and is content for at least an hour or more playing and singing.  She has eyes and love for her daddy, but he admittedly doesn’t deal well wtih her girl drama…thankfully she doesn’t notice and I’m always a good buffer (as he is to our boys).  She has long beautiful hair that she gets lots of compliments on…and we keep talking about cutting it, but we both aren’t sure cuz look how cute it is?

She’s like her mama and LOVES friend time.  She always wants someone to come over and play.  She makes friends easy but sometimes she can be a little bossy…especially to the littlier kids because she “wants to be the babysitter”.

She’s also a great helper with her baby brother.  She sometimes bugs him too much…but mostly she follows him around, makes sure to pick up choking hazards and gets him involved in activities when mommy needs a break.

Our life would just not be as fun without the sprinkle of this little girl!  I love that she loves to shop wtih me, and I even love that she wants to wear my make up (sometimes). I love that she uses older phrases like “mom, you need some accessories” or “you look awkward mom, you need to wear some make up.” If not for a daughter I guess I’d be a laughing stock!

I love you my Emmy girl!  You are such a light in our family and I’m so grateful to be your mom…but I’d totally be fine if you stopped growing up so fast!

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5th Annual Spring for Charity

With over $5000 donated to local children’s charities we are ecstatic to annouce our 5th Annual Spring for Charity!!  Take advantage of your chance to get adorable spring photos with our cute chicks and bunnies!  And best of all, your session will go to help children right in our area! All participants this year will get free admission into the fabulous Children’s Museum of Phoenix!  Appointments are limited, call to set up your appointment today!

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