My Girl…

I love this girl…her smile, her sass, her desire to be good mixed with a little bravery to be naughty just to see what she can get away with.  I feel like I’ve barely captured life of my kids in the past year…unless you count the Iphone…which in that case I did a good job. But I miss the better, quality pictures and yet getting out the camera and finding a clear memory card to shoot on just seems a little more than I want to sign up for most the time. It’s ONE MORE thing to download and ONE MORE thing to edit and ONE MORE THING to do…

But then I see something, something I haven’t looked at in a long time, months ago…and I remember why I need to push through and get out the nice camera and CAPTURE away…because of the timid smile with long beautiful hair that’s growing up…and someday I’ll love to look back and edit these and post these and someday it won’t be ONE MORE thing to do at all…it will just be a peek into what was and a reminder of all that has passed.

I’m going to try again this year…I tried last year to just TAKE MORE LIFE PICTURES…but this year I’m going to take it a step further and try to take more with my nice camera so I can control the photo quality.  And even more so, I think I want to just trade with my friends or pay someone else to PHOTOGRAPH US. Me, them, whatever.  I love so many wonderful photographers and I’m sad I don’t take advantage of their talent in my life more…because truth be told, they each have their own unique eye and style and they capture differently than I do.  And I want to see my kids, through someone else’s lens…I want the experience I give to others…to show up, to be photographed, to anticipate and to see the finished product…all without me putting a single thing into the images.  It’s a goal…this year I’ll be the client somewhere to someone and I can’t wait to see what they come up wtih.

In the meantime…I challenge myself to SHOOT US MORE…AGAIN.  This shouldn’t be that hard…=-)

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Wrap Battle! We NEED you!

It has been years in the making, fine tuning my brand and creating products and packaging that seamlessly flow with my photography style.  It’s a fun, yet very daunting task to take on with SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS out there!

This year I incorporated much more fun colors of blue, green and pops of orange which all just make me very happy!!  I ordered CD’s for use with digital files and lots of cute packaging to wrap up all those images in the cutest way possible!

And now…my hope is those efforts will pay off in a BIG way.

Paperie Boutique hosted a Wrap Battle that I entered with photos of our packaging and printed marketing products.  To my surprise, I found out today that my packaging is one of SIX finalists to win a prize package valued at over $10,000!!! Suffice to say, I could use YOUR help!

If you like our products, photography, packaging or are just a generally kind person…I’d sure APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE!!

Here are the pics of our packaging…

And here is the link where you can vote for your favorite..(aka…Entry #31).  It’s SUPER easy…no registering, no liking the page…just a click and a vote.

The Grand Prize valued at over $10,000 and would sure help us with some new great products and packaging!!  Voting ends this Monday, January 21st @ 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you for supporting PhotoJenic Photography!!

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robynJanuary 18, 2013

Good luck! 🙂

annaJanuary 22, 2013

Hi Jen

Just saw you won the packaging and Im not at all surprised it is so very lovely!

Will we see a blog post I would love some idea of how you put it all together?


JenJanuary 25, 2013

I would love to do a post about putting it all together. I’ll work on that, but I’m not sure how soon it will happen! But it does sound like a good idea to share. Thanks for the compliments!

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