39 Weeks

It’s no secret…we’re having a baby and despite all the denial in the world…she’s going to come whether my husband and I are ready or NOT! So, I am officially 39weeks and I have decided I better get READY! My work isn’t finished, my bag not packed and at the same time I really want to go into labor! But, on the other hand, I could stand to have a few more days to tie up loose ends, especially so I don’t leave too many clients hanging! So, it’s my goal to finish as much as possible before this little girl comes! Here are a few pics my good friend and another great photographer Marnee took of me and the boys a couple of weeks ago! Despite hating myself, I was quite happy that the boys look so cute!! They were so good too!
Thanks Marnee for the visit and for taking these so I can remember why NOT to have another baby =)

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MarneeFebruary 6, 2008

I kept meaning to ask you about these! You guys do look great and I regret not taking these images home to review, edit, and retouch before you saw them! Thanks for the kudos, but you didn’t mention how professional the shoot really was… chasing my three kids around while learning your camera and having my kids raid your kitchen for food since I neglected to feed them lunch that day!

Seriously… you look beautiful, and I love the boys! I’m glad we were able to get that! Good luck this week. Just remember, it is EASIER to care for your little girl this week than next! Yes, you may have help once she is born, but really… don’t be in too much of a rush! 🙂 ALTHOUGH, dressing her is way more fun.

AndreaFebruary 6, 2008

cute pics! good luck with the labor …and try to REST a lot before you come home from the hospital 🙂
Your baby girl is going to be so cute!!! we wish you the BEST!!!!

JaneFebruary 7, 2008

Those are so cute! I am so excited you are having a girl. I can’t wait to hear the details.

ChiliLadyFebruary 8, 2008

your blog is awesomeness!

janelleFebruary 10, 2008

JENNIFER! You look BEAUTIFUL! I don’t want to hear anything else!! I LOVE the pics….stop being ridiculous!

The Snider FamilyFebruary 19, 2008

You are so pretty Jen! Even pregnant….Jules

The Snider FamilyFebruary 19, 2008

My new blogg is.


Got kids? Then surely you’ve heard this phrase some 1000 times from Dora the Explorer! Our kids are very vivid dreamers and they often talk or cry out in their sleep. Actually this past Christmas Eve, Dawson even hallucinated consistantly reaching and grabbing for fish, monkeys and bees which he SWORE were in our room. In his defense, he was running a fever and after about 10 minutes of this behavior I was ready to take him to the ER as he was so convinced and wouldn’t stop reaching for them! Anyway, so two nights ago I heard Dawson’s little feet come running down the hall as he was crying, calling out for Daddy! He came in the room and through a load of tears said, “Dad, Swiper just swiped me on my back and it HURT.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, which Reuben later told me was so rude…but seriously it is funny isn’t it? So he proceeded to show us where and remind us how much it hurt before cuddling with Daddy and falling back asleep! Gotta love their imaginations!! This photo is from a few months back that I don’t think I have ever posted…

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Mary WoodmanFebruary 4, 2008

SO funny!! Poor Dawson!! How are you? Are you having a baby yet?

russandkatieFebruary 4, 2008

that is hilarious!!!

Camron & Lauren HowellFebruary 5, 2008

Now he’s at your house? Grace wouldn’t go into certain rooms a few months ago because Swiper was in there. I would have to say Swiper no Swiping 3 times before she would go in the room. Then Swiper became her friend and I heard her talking to him when she was playing. It’s nice to know he’s moved on to your house. 🙂

KelliFebruary 8, 2008

That’s hilarious Jen! And I definitely think a laugh was appropriate!!

Will and Erin part II

Ok, so you got a sneak peak of Erin and Will’s San Diego wedding awhile ago and I can sadly say it took me this long to finish their final edit! I knew it would take me some time with the holidays, the new shoots I had and all the recent weddings I have shot, but I am thankful they have been patient so I could really dedicate the time I wanted to it! I can safely say it turned out to be some of my favorite wedding images EVER! I mean when you get a couple as great as they were and get to shoot on beautiful beaches, it is just bound to turn out good! So I am having a hard time narrowing down the images for the blog, so check these out, but be sure to watch the slideshow (link after images) with lots more cool images from the wedding day! Here’s Erin, the beautiful bride…
I couldn’t decide between these two which I liked better…

I love this shot, especially the water which is slightly blurred from dragging the shutter in the low light we had. Too bad this one was taken by Perry Sevey their awesome videographer and not me! Perry and I have travelled to many weddings together and we always have a great time and get great stuff!

Check out the cool skies we had to work with!!

I was thankful Erin’s mom wasn’t around for this shot, she would’ve killed me, but I think I was forgiven once she saw the result produced from getting the dress a bit dirty!

The reception included immediate friends and family and took place in this gorgeous room at The Grande Colonial Hotel in San Diego.

This is a shot inside the ORIGINAL, super unique elevator at the hotel
We were even able to sneak away from the reception briefly to get a few shots of Will carrying Erin into their honeymoon suite!
Check out more great shots including those at the San Diego Temple and more of the beach by clicking here.
Thanks again Will, Erin and Woodman’s for having me out to San Diego, it was so much fun!

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AlisaJanuary 23, 2008

Oh my goodness. That was so beautiful! Jen, you never cease to impress me with your talent. It doesn’t hurt having a beautiful family to work with and an AMAZING setting!

janelleJanuary 23, 2008

I got teary-eyed! I LOVED them!! Not as much as I love you..but real close!!

AndreaJanuary 24, 2008

Nice Jen! It makes me want to get married AGAIN and have the same pictures on the beach …heheheheh….I loved them too! We are going to Cabo,Mexico tomorrow (Justin & I)… for vacation…so hopefully I will add new pictures on monday 🙂

Camron & Lauren HowellJanuary 26, 2008

I love those photo’s! They belong on the front cover of a magazine. Beautiful.

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