The toothfairy rides on Santa’s Sleigh!!


Yes, it is true that on Christmas Eve, the toothfairy rides along with Santa for all of her visits as well =) So Christmas came and what a CRAZY & FUN few days it was…not to mention BUSY and TIRING! We spent Christmas Eve at my sisters sharing a wonderful turkey, ham and all the fixings meal and playing games, reading stories about the Savior and His birth and of course the “christmas eve one present opening” jammie tradition so many share! But this year was a little different, Brennan had his FIRST very, very LOOSE tooth! This is new ground for us and guess what I learned? I learned I am in this ALONE! My very strong, very handy husband is apparently VERY SQUEAMISH about teeth! Surprising as he does fine with cuts and bruises, diapers don’t bother him ONE bit and he’s been a GREAT coach in the birth of our two boys, but who would’ve known that teeth can make this man want to vomit in one second flat? So, Brennan was anxious for this loose tooth to be freed so he could eat easier and Reuben was begging me to “not ruin his dinner” by pulling the tooth when we had such a nice meal to eat, and no I wasn’t making him be a part of it at ALL! He was just on the sidelines, in the room as we dealt with the drama! Here are a few pics of Brennan trying SO hard to be BRAVE despite it hurting him so bad!
Brennan insisted his Aunt Jessica do the duty, which I of course didn’t argue, apparently she has pulled two of my niece Hannah’s teeth so he felt she’d do the best job at it! And for the record… we did not FORCE him into this and we did give him breaks a few times…I guess you really do have to EARN that money you get from the toothfairy! We let him eat dinner and told him to just move it on his own and sure enough a couple of hours later, he came running in to me, toothless and so excited it was out! He had pulled his own first tooth! The only problem? Where was the tooth? He pulled it at the sink, in front of the mirror so we assumed it was long gone down the drain & Uncle Tim and Papa wouldn’t accept that, the tools were out and the drain was about to come apart…thankfully I did a carpet search and found it before we spent a lot of time trying to disassemble the sink! Here is the cute toothless boy now!
Now onto Christmas morning! We got to slip into bed in the wee hours of 4am after being housecleaners, present wrappers, Santa and toothfairy, and it wasn’t 5 minutes of us in bed that our 2yr old came running in, sick with a fever and really worked up over a dream! After about 10minutes of him literally “seeing” and grabbing for bugs and animals he insisted were in our room (hallucinations w/fevers? this was a new one for me), we finally settled for a few hours of broken up sleep with a sick, restless toddler! The morning was great despite the lack of sleep! Here’s Brennan proudly sporting his money that after reviewing the photos again CLEARLY wasn’t enough!
And the cute brothers waiting for Daddy to get moving so we would let them see what Santa brought…
And yes honey…this photo and their first expressions IS WORTH blocking off all the laid out gifts the night before so I can catch it on camera!! So get used to the idea, we WILL keep this tradition! No, I am NOT bitter that I was left to do this part alone as he quickly told me the tradition of them seeing gifts AFTER we are ready w/cameras was no longer and went to bed…granted it was 4am!!
A few other cute expressions…all they wanted was skateboards…I didn’t argue too much, did you know they are only like $10-$15, wow Santa got to be cheap!

Here’s a shot of the tree with only a PART of the gifts we opened with ALL of my family, they all brought their presents over and we took a couple of hours doing the gifts…it is pure CHAOS, but of course fun!
My gingerbread house couldn’t go unnoticed after the hours I spent working on it! I know it looks like I spent 5 minutes…I could never do those contests!

And to end on a sweet note…here’s my nephew Aidan, about 2 months old now and looking cute as ever! I hope everyone had a great Christmas as well, I am so thankful to have family and friends so close that I could be with them on these special holidays!

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AnonymousJanuary 1, 2008

Your Christmas looks like it was fun.
Ok so I have a good way to pull out loose teeth that I learned from my dentist brother-in-law. You take dental floss and rap it around the bottom of the tooth as low as you can get it. Just loop it once and cross the strings and pull fast and the tooth just pops out. Larkin lost her first tooth the day after Christmas. Rob had it out in like two seconds with no tears. With Lilly, she wouldn’t let us touch her first tooth until it came out in her sleep. I guess I should count my blessing. I had no idea how hard it could be to pull out a tooth.


Tyler & ErickaJanuary 1, 2008

Hey Jen this is Ericka Putnam, fun to see you on here! Your Christmas pics are soo cute it’s nice to see what you are up to!

The Evans FamilyJanuary 2, 2008

I love having boys! They are so much fun! Sounds like you guys had a fun and crazy Christmas! It was a blast to be by my family and now that Boston is a bit older, it was fun to watch him open his presents!

MeganJanuary 3, 2008

Hey Jennifer this is Megan Zierse. I got your cute card and just wanted to say it was great to hear from you. Your family is so cute! How exciting that you are having a girl. We too had a girl in September. They are a lot of fun! It was great to hear that you are all well!

[…] someone came over…a med student whom we told Brennan was a Dr. Brennan stood ever so calmly (far cry from this experience with his first tooth) and allowed him to just YANK it out…and in one pull, it was GONE! He didn’t cry, he was […]

Merry Christmas Eve

I couldn’t pass when I came across this CUTE image of my niece from 2 years ago at Christmas time! She looks so cute! So, Merry Christmas Eve. Like every year I am spending mine racing around trying to finish up the last minute shopping that I haven’t had time to do…and I am sure I’ll be wrapping til all hours of the night too =) I have SOOOOOOOO MUCH to add with plenty of recent shoots, I just haven’t had time to get images edited and online, so more to come in the coming week or two!
The last image is with Dawson and Sariah, both about 8 months old…aren’t they cute?

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Christmas? What? When?

WOW! I can hardly believe it’s been another week! Sorry for the lack of posting, I have definitely been in cruch mode trying to get loose ends finished up for clients! Meanwhile, the world around me seems to be celebrating this holiday I hear is happening and I was wondering if I might find some time myself to get my shopping going! If it weren’t for Black Friday I wouldn’t have much of anything yet! My husband and I are NOTORIOUS for shopping on Christmas eve and the few days before it…not that we plan it that way, it’s just I don’t have time until everything for clients is complete which is usually a few days before Christmas! Thankfully I am finally getting to the point tonight that I think I can take a couple of days to focus on my favorite holiday…even if I do feel like I got robbed of it AGAIN! I swear every year it seems like it will be better, but every year it’s the same or WORSE! I am thankful for all the card orders, the canvas orders and the patience of everyone as I struggled through this season with 2 little ones, a baby on the way and way too much to keep up on! I think I am more thankful for my husband and next door neighbor “on call” sitters that supported me through all the long days and late nights! Now let’s get to the fun! Let me post a few images of the last week…then a few more client items I’ve been behind on! Here is a visit Dawson and I made to Brennan’s school for a very special visitor! Dawson was especially excited to be in Brennan’s class and it was cute to see ALL the boys in the class SWARM him, I didn’t think 5yr old boys cared about little brothers!! Brennan was especially proud to have his brother in his classroom!
Ok, I guess it’s safe to say who the special visitor was since little kids don’t read this…but…just in case…here’s your warning! Dawson got to see Santa A.K.A. Papa in the lobby of the school here’s the shot of him seeing him…He LOOKED HIM UP…. AND HE LOOKED HIM DOWN… and as long as Santa didn’t try to hold him, he was content to be right by him, unlike Brennan at his age who couldn’t be convinced no matter what! Here’s a shot of Brennan’s face surprised to see Santa, none of the kindergarteners knew Santa would be coming!
We are blessed that “papa” has been a great Santa for many many years, and even more blessed that our children grow up and don’t quite figure it out until they need to! Funny thing is, they don’t put things together like…”why did Santa just show up at our house conveniently when we were decorating the tree” or the fact that Santa sounds JUST LIKE Papa…he has a very distinct voice, but they overlook that as well, then there’s the whole not figuring out why when Santa showed up at Brennan’s school Grammy just happened to be there with too and Dawson and I…but thankfully they don’t piece that together yet! Here’s the boys getting their moment with Santa, as you can see Dawson was more into the candy and Brennan was a bit nervous being that close to Santa’s face… And last but not least…today I was able to go to Brennan’s school to help with their gingerbread houses, here’s a few shots of that. I’ve learned the big camera is a bit distracting and bulky to bring along so I have to settle for the red eye and poor image quality…having a camera that fits in my pocket however, is very NICE! This is Brennan’s cute friend Jacob, they’ve had a few play dates and just love to hang out and be boys!

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