More recent images

I am still working on posting recent photo sessions! Before my cousin’s left town a couple of weeks ago, I was able to take some images of the kids here at home…These are some of my favorite shots! This is Bryson, my little Brennan loved to have Bryson here to play with!
Here’s Caitlyn, she’s super sweet!!

And then Kaleb, he can ham it up for the camera so good, this day he was quite distracted so I didn’t get as many of the genuine smiles!
This is Camren, he is a TRUE ham! He reminds me of Brennan at his age, you don’t have to work too hard to get a good smile from this little guy!

Abby was the only one we didn’t get a recent photo of cuz she was napping. Here’s a couple cute shots of her from our recent vacation to Utah.

I LOVE this shot of her looking out the window at Grandma’s house!

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Lesson learned

How could a little red ball teach such a grand lesson? Well, this is the little ball Brennan picked up when we recently visited a store. I allowed him to play with it as I shopped so it would keep him occupied. Right before leaving, I asked him to put it down so we could go. Not surprisingly for him lately…he didn’t listen & didn’t put it down! I of course didn’t realize this and we went on our way home. Later that night out came the red ball, being thrown around at home. I looked at him and said, “where did you get that?” he looked at me with guilt and said, “at the store.” He was promptly sent to his room until Daddy got home and we could all talk about it. My husband and I were taken back by this as he is really quite an honest child, we wondered if he really understood what he did. So, we talked, I asked him if he was told to put it down before we left and he recalled he was. We discussed the magnitude of this event for awhile, never seeming to really phase Brennan as he didn’t seem as remorseful as we’d hoped! We discussed the 10 Commandments and how Jesus would be very unhappy (to which he was more worried how Santa would feel about it)! We taught him about repentence and told him he would have to take it back to the manager and hope that he or she was nice and would not be angry. At this point, he STILL seemed unphased but was willing to face the consequences! It was then that my husband mentioned that it was AGAINST the LAW to steal and that he could in fact GO TO JAIL! I was surprised, but happy to see Brennan finally GETTING IT!!!! Ah ha…lightbulb moment, THIS IS A BIG DEAL! It was just what we were looking for that he understood how important it was to not steal! So, the tears finally came and my generally very gentle husband kept on it telling Brennan he should really be worried about where he might sleep that night! So, we ate dinner and drove the whole family back to the store despite it being the kids bedtime. Brennan didn’t seem too nervous so Reuben again mentioned that he should be concerned for what the weekend had in store for him. So we asked for the manager and this younger lady came out and walked up to us, I motioned that my child had something to tell her, she was confused and obviously didn’t pick up on what we were doing. He handed her the ball and said, “I took this today and I am sorry and I won’t do it again” he was at least nervous and slightly emotional by now…the woman happily responded “oh sweetie, it’s ok, thank you so much!!” I looked to my husband with HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT…clearly this woman didn’t get that we were trying to TEACH him a lesson here, while we didn’t need her to freak him out, a simple stern response or reiteration of the law and importance of NOT STEALING from her store would have been GREAT! So, that was that. Brennan has to earn money to pay us for stealing a ball and we HOPE that he has learned a lesson from his experience despite getting off TOO EASY from the store!

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AndreaDecember 10, 2007

Hehehehe…I know…lyteesia did that one time at the grocery store…I was done putting all of the stuff in the car…and then she was so happy eating a candy…I asked her…lyteesia…where did you got that candy??? and she didnt wanted to show me…because she knew I was going to get REALLY MAD….so…I was so tired….Phoenix was only a couple months old…I didn’t want to have to go back to the store…but I knew If I didnt teach her a lesson right there…she was never going to LEARN…so I put them both in the Vons car…and walk back to the store…I told her to tell the lady in the Front desk that she tooked the candy …and to give it back to them…( mommy pay for it…) but it was a good lesson for her , she cry because she knew she did something wrong….
After that it was time to go in time out at our house…so she could set and think a little more about what she did.:(

AshDecember 11, 2007

Oh I am so glad to hear that my kid isnt the only one and INFACT normal.

KelliDecember 19, 2007

Haha Jen! That was hilarious! I have quite a few nieces and nephews who’ve done that. Although one store manager did do the “well i won’t call the police this time” thing and scared the crap out of I think RaeLynn! Hilarious!

Baby Gage

This is baby Gage, my other newest nephew! He is the son of my stepsister who lives in Colorado! I don’t get to see her often and had fun visiting with her and this little one a few weeks ago! We took a few minutes to take some shots of Gage…he was really tired though, so not the normal smiles he usually gives.

Check out these cute little feet!

Stephanie is such a good mom to Gage, she’s so patient when he’s fussy, it’s great to see her finally have the baby she has wanted!!

I just love this shot and his tired eyes looking up at me!!

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