Couldn’t resist

Since I see SO MANY first dances, I couldn’t resist posting this funny one sent to me by a friend! Hopefully you have speakers to hear the music with it! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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AnonymousDecember 6, 2007

That video was hilarious! I love it. 🙂


russandkatieDecember 8, 2007

they were on Ellen DeGeneres the other day, they are funny.

Alyson P.December 11, 2007

That has JANELLE written all over it!!! so hilarious! The part at the end where the bride is “washing” her big butt, reminds me of a Tammy dance that probably happened at camp.

Getting in the spirit!

My kids were SUPER excited to get our house ready for Santa this year! Daddy on the other hand is a well known grinch and wasn’t quite as excited! =) Thankfully we were able to take some time this week to decorate the tree with the boys and share some hot chocolate while we burned a fire…a new thing we are LOVING about this home, we’ve never had a fireplace before and it is so fun for us! We purposely open up all the windows to cool the house down JUST so we can light a fire…gotta love Arizona! Here are a few images of the boys decorating the tree with the help of Daddy!

And for some reason I told the boys to hug and say “I love my brother…” and guess what…they did it, and they didn’t even fight! WOW!

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AndreaDecember 6, 2007

so CUTE!!!!!and I love your Christmas Tree:)

MarneeDecember 6, 2007

Love this… is it a real tree? Really? In AZ? How do you do it? Cute pics of the boys.

Best job in the world!

I haven’t posted in a few days, not for lack of desire, I’ve been busy and have lots of posts to add, hopefully I can get caught up soon. I just got back from shooting an incredible wedding in San Diego for Erin and Will. Erin is my cousin, she is absolutely beautiful and made a STUNNING bride! She chose a wonderful guy to marry and I was incredibly thankful to get to document their special day! I feel so blessed to have such a great job that I can travel to a beautiful place to document such a special occasion! I have so many images I have my editing work cut out for me! Here are a few of my favorites from the first part of our day! This is Erin getting her make up done by her sister Katie.
Here is Erin’s mom peeking at the beautiful bride and holding her brand new grandson Eli!
The beautiful dress was purchased at my favorite bridal shop I Do I Do Bridal. Helen and the staff there take such great care of their brides!
Here’s the bride heading out for the wedding which was held at the San Diego Temple. Despite days of horrible rain, we had beautiful weather, especially great clouds in the sky!
This is a cute shot that speaks for itself, you can totally see the love these two have for each other!
Perry Sevey was the videographer. We have traveled to lots of weddings together and are a great team! It’s always fun to work with him as I feel like we feed off each other’s creativity and have so much fun that we never want to stop shooting! Thankfully the couples we’ve worked with are great sports and always in for the different ideas. Here is a shot Perry took of me while I was shooting Will at the beach. To get to this spot we had to climb over some guardrails and down a short hill. It was way worth the effort, thankfully Erin was a good sport doing this in her wedding dress! I have MANY more incredible beach shots, but can’t get to them now, so more to come on this wedding!

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russandkatieDecember 3, 2007

I wish “traveling Katie” could have been with you guys 🙂 (how did you guys survive without her)

Katie BrownDecember 3, 2007

Ok Jen… I have a love hate relationship with your blog! On one hand I want to hate you because you put us all to shame with all of your gifts and talents and on the other hand I love you because of them! Such a fun weekend, this was such a tease! Give us more! We love you! Katie

AndreaDecember 4, 2007

Hi Jen! I’m so glad you guys came to San Diego! It looks like you had a lot of fun !!! Nice pictures….I loved the one in the beach with you in it! Next time that you guys are in San Diego… and… if you need… we would love to watch your kids so you and Reuben can go have a good time with out the kids…:)…???!!!
Love, Andrea

Nicole PribylDecember 5, 2007

The wide shot of the temple looks awesome.

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