Holy Day of Shopping report!!!!

Ok, so it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exhausting it took me 5 days to write about it =) Well, not really, but I am STILL recovering from the lack of sleep. So here is the LAST of the snapshots since I am having serious problems posting images from a point and shoot on this blog. So the Holy day started out at 3:45 for me, but 30 minutes earlier for my aunt and mom! We left the house just after 4am to WalMart where I didn’t have anything fabulous to get, but I did help out and still managed to spend some $$. Here is a photo when we are LEAVING our first stop…can’t believe it is still dark and I was already over $100 into my shopping!

We stopped for breakfast at Paradise Bakery, we needed the food to get us through a long day ahead! My mom was the lucky one that got to take the picture…none of us wanted to be in these =) REFER TO RULE#1

It was a good year, no fights to speak of, no tackling was even necessary! One lucky man did get this sweatshirt handed to him by my sister after he totally earned it by being a jerk in the parking lot when she WASN’T trying to take his spot. It was pretty funny cuz we saw these sweatshirts right when we saw him, so they couldn’t resist the urge! Otherwise, everyone was VERY FRIENDLY and helpful as usual! This is the ONLY day you can shop and strangers will stop and talk to you or tell you where you can get a better deal on something you have in your cart!

Just as in previous years, our day came to a close in about hour #12! I can’t believe I made it, 3 hours of sleep for me and everytime we drove even just across the street I was negotiating a nap in the car to keep going…the girls wouldn’t let me and somehow I survived! We ended the day with our traditional pedicure which we all practically fell asleep for! Our feet were so happy to be pampered and given cute toes!

And once home we still kept going having dinner, building our first fire in our home…YIPEE and the kids were so happy to roast marshmallows!

The adults played a couple of games and by that time we were all so delirious we seriously laughed harder than I ever remember laughing in my life! It was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!! My Aunt, Uncle and cousins all left the next day, we were so thankful to have them all here for such a special holiday and great memories!
By the way, I would LOVE to hear from any of you BLACK FRIDAY FANS and ALL of you that choose not to venture out! Any good stories or deals to speak of???

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Camron & Lauren HowellNovember 28, 2007

It sounds so exhausting just reading about it. I have never done the whole Black Friday Extravaganza, but hope someday to experience it. We are in Safford from the day before Turkey Day until 2 days after. They do have a Walmart there that we check out later in the day on Friday, but overall I enjoy my sleep. Hope you found some fabulous deals!

russandkatieNovember 28, 2007

wish I could have been there!

Nicole PribylDecember 3, 2007

I yelled at a lady trying to cut in line at Kohls. I said I have been hear since 3am. She was foriegn and acted like she didn’t understand. I told the worker at the front of the door and they finally went to the back of the store. SOOO next year we need to go to Flagstaff because my cousin said there was no lines anywhere.

MichelleDecember 10, 2007

I didn’t stay late at my in-laws since I was exhausted and debating with my sister on shopping at midnight.. so I went home to relax and put the kids to bed, it was about 7:30… 4 hours later and a quick 1 hour cat nap I was up and out the door to pick up Rachel for shopping. We started on the midnight sales at Aeropostale and then the Anthem outlets. We were done at the outlets by 3, got some cappucino and headed back to town to wait in the cold at Toys R Us. We didn’t even enter the store until a half hour after they opened. There were so many people in line they we letting them in in sections. They were out of the swing set my sister wanted, but had the Neat and Tidy house I wanted. We got 4 huge bags of toys all about 50% off or more (AWESOME DEALS!!) and left for Target. There were just some quick items I needed there. My sister immediately got in line and I headed to the back of the store with no cart. Since I was only grabing two things. About a half hour later, I staggered back with arms and fingers full of deals I just couldn’t pass up. We were finished and headed home and ready for bed. The sun was up now and it was still too COLD! I got home in time to eat breakfast with my family. I went to sleep by 9:30, woke up at 2:30, and was lazy all day!! ;o) OH Holy Day of Shopping!!! ;o) Can’t wait to do it again next year!! ;o)

All good things must come to an end!

Days later I am STILL recovering from so much lack of SLEEP! =) We managed to host a thanksgiving dinner with about 30 people, and days of festivities with almost that many people! That’s hard to do when you’re pregnant and not getting sleep too! So here are some images from our FUN FILLED THANKSGIVING with lots and lots of my family! Please excuse the image quality, much of these taken with a point and shoot for quick shots!! We kicked off the holiday with the women making lots of pies on Wednesday night…I think 11 to be exact!

There is HOPE for me, check out my attempt to pull off a “martha stewart” table! This was my first year to host a nice meal such as this…so I had to do SOMETHING! Ok, so it doesn’t compare to hers, or any of the beautiful weddings I shoot, but I did learn how to properly fold cloth napkins, aren’t you impressed?

This is a close up of my centerpiece!

Here is the family sitting at the super long table I insisted on creating so everyone could sit together!

Here are most of the cousins enjoying play time on the trampoline.

After dinner the boys decided to show us a MIRACLE…check them out cleaning up the kitchen! I had to get a shot of it in case we need it for future bargaining!

Can’t forget the boys playing football! Brennan is the one with the Cardinals helmet…he LOVES to dress in full sports gear so I am surprised he doesn’t have the full uniform and pads on!

Of course there is the all important HOLY DAY OF SHOPPING planning session for the women. It is here we map out the deals, decide where we are starting and when, and put initials in the ads of who needs what at each store to help us keep track!

Lastly, a peek at our entertainment! This is our Turkey pinata that just didn’t want to break!

And a cute shot of my cousin’s daughter Caitlyn trying to hit the pinata even though they raised it above her!

And the night came to a close after some fun time singing Christmas songs and visiting around the fire in our backyard!

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russandkatieNovember 26, 2007

it looks like you guys had so much fun! and way to go on your table I loved them! Hope you had fun shopping on friday. Russ did our shopping this year, he was up at 4 am fighting the crowds at Wal-Mart with my step-dad!

Nicole PribylDecember 3, 2007

Can I call you Martha Garbett now. Good job on the decorations.

Holy Day of Shopping Part One

Alright my friends, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Wow, what a wonderful day. I will have to post photos later, I am seriously much too tired to download right now!! Anyway, just wanted to see who is going to take advantage of the beloved Holy Day of Shopping. This year the ads seem a little lacking and being pregnant and tired make me less excited for the event…but I am going for it, I am all about the experience, and clearly when I have all my cousins here, I have to join them! Here are our tips and tricks to get us through the big day…

2. NO KIDS!!!!!!!!! Seriously, kids can’t come, leave them home with someone else! IT IS NOT WORTH IT IF YOU ARE BRINGING KIDS!
3. NO going with any fewer than 2-4 people, it just not fun if you are alone, plus you’ll need the extra help!
4. NO Shopping carts when you are trying to fight for the blitz items, it just doesn’t work! Really shopping carts don’t work much at all so try to take the isles less traveled if you have one!
5. Avoid standing in lines, have line holders while others shop, then switch places. We’ve been in and out of stores in 30-40 minutes using this strategy even though the line itself was that long!
6. NO BITING, HAIR PULLING or PUNCHING. Tackling is allowed, but only if you win!
7. PRICE MATCH…oh the beauty of price match! Plan ahead, mark your items in the ads and price match everything you can!
8. Stop for a good breakfast AND a good lunch. We have been known to shop for 12 hours or more, these meals give us the energy to get through the day!
9. NO RUSHING…if you have little patience, you can’t participate in this…it’s all about “the thrill of the hunt” looking for and receiving a good deal and clearly if your only desire is to rush through, you aren’t the right personality to shop on this Holy Day!
10. HAVE FUN! Every year we end with a pedicure…seriously, doesn’t get better than that, I never enjoy pedicures as much as I do on this day!

HAPPY SHOPPING! I would love to hear from any of you that also love…or maybe those that HATE BLACK FRIDAY!

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AshDecember 11, 2007

The holy day of shopping was great. It was so much fun to shop until we literally dropped. We will definately have to get together again for thanksgiving, (Maybe not so much for the turkey) but for the Shopping.

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