Perkins Family

Ok Moms…this is for all of you. If you, like so many of us, stress every year to get the “perfect” family photo where all the kids are smiling…real smiles and no one has a bruised face or broken arm, and better yet, everyone is willing to SIT and SMILE…here is proof that IT WILL GET BETTER…just give it time! Meet Erik, Elisha and their family. I have done their photos for years and they are also great friends! It was so nice for them to show up, everyone tucked in and ready to roll, and then we set up we got good shot, after good shot, after good shot…wow, it really can happen for the rest of us, we just need a few years of growth in our children!

Here is Keaton and Braydon…I can’t believe I used to babysit Braydon as a baby…he’s really aging me!

Ok, so how could I NOT want a little girl so bad…this next shot could ALMOST make me think I could try once more for a sister to this baby I am carrying…but then again, thinking it is one thing, passing it by the husband is entirely different! He’d never go for it…not sure I could sign up for another 5 months of the stomach flu again anyway!

Oh, and don’t let all these great images totally fool you…kids WILL be kids!

Thanks Eric, Elisha, Braydon, Kylie, Malerie and Keaton….it was so fun to do your photos again!!

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russandkatieNovember 8, 2007

you are so good at what you do! Thanks again for doing my photos today!!!

MarneeNovember 9, 2007

The pic of the girls is great… you are right, does make me think about having another girl, for about 1 second. We’ll just have to get those pics with cousins and friends! I love the last one. That is soooo my family – I’m glad you posted it.

AnonymousNovember 9, 2007

Great job Jen. I haven’t seen the Perkins in so long. I loved seeing these photos.

the sassy oneNovember 9, 2007

Jen thanks again. It was an overall painless experience and you do an awesome job capturing!!!!

Walsh Family

Here’s another family I photographed this past Saturday, the Walsh’s. I have been friends with their daughter Rachel for more years than I can even count now, so it was fun to photograph familiar faces.
Here is Rachel with her husband Davey and new baby Sophia. Rachel takes the prize for the longest and most “baby fever” of anyone I know, so it’s fun to see her with her own little baby now!

Here’s a shot of the original 4kids

it’s funny to see all the boys they have since they had only girls for so long! But look at these CUTE BOYS!!!!! First Dallan, bright eyes, happy and a bit unsure of me at first!

Then there is Sam, he reminds me of my oldest Brennan because he has a HUGE smile that he gives away pretty easily…

And this is Eli, Sam’s older brother. He is full of energy and has an equally adoring smile…but a little harder to catch since he runs away unlike his brother.

I loved how Dallan really helped his older sisters be happy and smiley for pictures since he was laughing so much himself!

The baby of the family, Becky

And last but not least, the miracle image we took awhile to get, Matt, Melissa and BOTH their boys happy!

Thanks you guys…it was fun!

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DaveyNovember 8, 2007

Jen, you are so great, seriously – thank you for sharing your talent and time with us. Those are beautiful photos and they definitely weren’t easy to get!! You are a peach!

Matt and MelissaNovember 9, 2007

Jen, you are an apricot! Seriously, the photos look great, especially of Eli. We like your blog.

Meet the Tysicks

Saturday I did photos for a few families getting ready for this fun and exciting season of holiday cards and photos! This is Chad, Elise and 1 yr old Carter! Chad is actually my cousin but we wouldn’t know it as they live so far away we only see each other annually for photos or when someone gets married! Luckily there is a wedding coming up, so I should get to see these guys one more time this year =) Chad warned me in advance that little Carter had a mind of his own. I wasn’t worried, after two boys and countless shoots of toddlers, I knew we could handle it! Well, he wasn’t kidding…this kid had some energy and never cared to sit, stand or even look the direction we needed. He definitely gave my assistant Lindsey and I a work out! Thankfully we pulled out all of our tricks and were still able to get some great shots of him and the family. His parents will be shocked! Here is a cute one of Carter…

What do you do when all your toddler wants to do is RUN AWAY and you need photos…put him on Dad’s shoulders of course!! I love this shot!

Here’s Carter walking with Mommy, we caught him looking at his Dad and laughing.

Poor Chad and Elise were so tired by the end of our shoot, thankfully Carter took a brief moment for a rest as well, gave us a chance for another great shot!

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russandkatieNovember 7, 2007

very good job Jen, as always!!!

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