Halloween Fun

With as much as I heard about Halloween and the constant countdown and overwhelming excitement this year…I am a bit nervous about Christmas! Brennan is definitely really into holidays now and is already asking “is tomorrow Valentines” (which he knows is when our baby sister comes). So…needless to say, the boys had a blast, it was so hard for them to wait for Daddy to get home so they could leave to their cousins to Trick or Treat! Here is Brennan and Dawson in their costumes after waiting over an hour at the door for Daddy who was stuck in traffic forever!!!

We brought the jeep over and the kids took turns driving to trick or treat. This was a big hit for them last year and this year was no exception…we’ve definitely got a tradition of this on our hands!

Here are cousins Hannah (Snow White) and Ashlyn dressed as a pig who we spent the evening with!

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Alyson P.November 2, 2007

wow, you’ve added a lot since I last read! I think you should start a contest: Name my baby girl!

Camron & Lauren HowellNovember 3, 2007

Jen- your boys are too cute. I’m glad that you have a blog so that we can stay in touch better. It will be fun to see you at Erin’s reception. Her engagement photos are beautiful of course. You are so talented.

russandkatieNovember 3, 2007

so cute! I love their costumes, what a cute idea.

Amy HuskNovember 5, 2007

Love the costumes! My boys would not be anything cute this year!!! They were a Mummy and a Vampire!

ReubenNovember 12, 2007

The Jeep tradition will die. Much too stressful. Jen’s back at the house sipping hot cocoa and I’m chasing the kids down the street!

HGTV Junkie

Alright, if you know me, you know that I really enjoy HGTV and other shows on remodeling and staging homes for a better appearance! Many of you also know that many months ago my husband and I took a big risk that we had always talked and dreamed about doing…we decided to take on our own “Flip this House” and 5 months later we were happy to report that we finally completed Phase 1 of who knows how many phases to final completion. It also meant we could finally MOVE IN…a much anticipated step toward our new life! Lots of people have wanted to see the updated photos, but I hadn’t posted them as I was trying to get the new office and home set up and look somewhat lived in first. So, here are some of the photos of our before and afters…keep in mind that for now we focused mainly on the interior of the home and plan to have other phases to our remodel after we recover from the intense amount of work we’ve already done. The home is an older, established neighborhood and the biggest motivator for moving here was the large lot and potential for adding square footage for my business later on. We also like the area and schools much better. Here are the pics of the home before and after!!
This is out front…which I would say actually looks a little better than now. We have torn out lots of this landscape that had died during the past months, but we haven’t quite gotten to the point to do a new overhaul of it! We plan to really update the exterior someday with exterior stone and much better landscape.

Here is the kitchen with the previous owner’s furniture and all, we REALLY had to get a vision here…lots of wallpaper and dated features!

Now a pic during construction…we took out the little wall, the false ceiling and the old pantry, we also extended the kitchen about 6feet (where the french door is above) to the existing support beam which just cut into our already huge covered patio, so that was ok. Note in the picture we built a corner pantry as well.

Here is the kitchen just as we were moving in…lacking a few lights and now I have decorations, so new images coming someday!! The spot where the old pantry was is the phone center, the fridge stayed in the same place and the corner with the previous stove is now the corner pantry.

Now the master bath…another huge improvement!! Most bathrooms remained untouched except for paint and flooring, we plan to replace the vanities someday. Here is the tub/shower before the remodel…it was a stepdown “font” as I call it and definitely had to go!

So, off with the wallpaper, filled in the “font” increased the size by about a foot and here is the new shower…lacking glass doors which still need to be ordered!

Last but not least…some of you wanted to see some pics of our finishes, we chose everything ourselves and it was stressful not knowing if everything would come together and match and look good, here is the granite counters…

And the new travertine floors turned out AWESOME…

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AndreaNovember 1, 2007

Wowwww! Nice Job with the house! It looks so nice ! Congratulations:)!!!

MarneeNovember 1, 2007

This makes me want to see it even more… I’m still waiting for an invite! 🙂

Amy HuskNovember 5, 2007

Looks BEAUTIFUL!! I am so jealous.

MeaganDecember 21, 2007

Jennifer, I just love your blog – great work! The house looks so amazing! I can’t imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ve felt! Beautiful!

Thibodeaux Family

Here are some recent shots I took of the Thibodeaux Family. Their kids are SO cute and little Lauren was a natural in front of the camera!
Here is the whole family

This is little Conner, he was a little unsure of me but I absolutely loved his “unsure” look.

Look at this gorgeous picture of Lauren!

A cute moment between Connor and Dad…

To view a slideshow of more images click here

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