Our little school boy…

I realize school did start some time ago, but it took us awhile to get settled and set up this blog, so I really wanted to post the pics of my proud Brennan on his first day of Kindergarten!! He has been talking about going to school for months and his first day brought no nerves for this formerly timid and anxiety ridden child!! He proudly sported his backpack, lunch box and new school clothes and was sure to remind me as we walked him in for his first day that “when the bell rings mom, you have to leave ok.”

Despite my constant worrying all day that he would be SO TIRED or SAD from being away for 6 long hours, I picked him up and he quickly jumped into a full report of what child was naughty for the teacher and gave me a list of all the things he had to do in order to stay out of trouble and the principals office! I am thankful he has continued to remember and a couple of months in he has yet to be in trouble at school…phew! Here he is sporting his backpack and lunchbag, both of which are nearly as big as he is!

Dawson sure wanted to stay and sit with his brother at his desk…

Me and my baby…I can’t believe he is going to SCHOOL!

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AndreaNovember 1, 2007

Cute pictures! When Katriela and Lyteesia started school….they’re first day I had to go to the car and cry ….I was so happy for them….but sad to not see them for 8 hours..hahahahahah!!!!
I’m glad he loves school 🙂

russandkatieNovember 1, 2007

he is so sweet, I love having him in gymnastics!!!

Welcome Baby Aidan!!

Meet the newest member of my extended family, Aidan James Shea! He is only one week old and has quite the head of hair! He is an especially welcome addition after my sister had 3 girls, so needless to say…Daddy is looking forward to some “guy” time with this little boy! After a busy week in and out of the hospital, he is home with bruised feet from being poked and hopefully gets to be home for good now =) I was privelaged to be at his birth, so I took the opportunity to take lots of photos of all the expressions when he made his debut! It was especially touching to have his big sister Marissa there, she was very emotional and super cute! Here are a few photos and a slideshow of some of his first images from last week!
This is my sister Stephannie looking great the night before having Aidan!

Dad’s first look at his baby boy!

A sweet moment with the new family…probably hard to notice the tear on Marissa’s cheek, very sweet!

Hannah and Ashlyn getting to meet their brother for the first time!

Click here to view a slideshow

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russandkatieNovember 1, 2007

your sister looks so beautiful in that first pic. what a great day, can’t wait for my turn!

AlisaNovember 5, 2007

That was amazing. I did get the weaps… soooo awesome.

AmyNovember 5, 2007

Jen, you are so talented! The slideshow made me miss you all so much! Can’t wait to be back in Phoenix to see you all…especially Aidan!

Flagstaff Fall Festival

Today we drove up to Flagstaff in an attempt to get some cooler weather and some great shots with the few trees that change colors in Arizona!! I was a bit disappointed to see that of the Aspens we had to choose from, which weren’t many, lots of the leaves had already fallen!! Bummer! At any rate, we went to the Flagstaff “Autumn in the Aspen’s” festival and had a good time. It was only their second year, so it was a smaller scale event, but the kids had a blast and didn’t notice a lack of activities compared to Schnepf Farms where we usually go this time of year. Here are some pictures with some of my family who joined us for the day trip.
Two of the cutest kids…

Jessica #1 and Jessica#2 (the one on the right is my sister, on the left, her friend who is becoming an adopted member of the family)

Hannah and Ashlyn, my nieces

Grammy and Papa, my mom and stepdad

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AndreaNovember 1, 2007

so cute!!!! your boys look so much older now:)

F a c e b o o k
S e a r c h