Does anyone even read blogs anymore? I do…but not very many…who has the time? But really…this blog has been SERIOUSLY neglected…and so help me I am going to change that. But first…first…does anyone even look at this? Or care? What do you wanna see? Photos? Family? Personal life updates? I tend to follow things more when there is a personal connection there…so maybe I need to get back to blogging some of my life on here. If you have an opinion…please let me know.

All I know is STILL get client bookings from this site and so heaven knows I NEED TO UPDATE IT!!

Here goes…

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nelly jensenAugust 9, 2014

I’m still here Jen! I guess I would say that I like it most when I see people I know on here. Regardless, you are so talented and I love looking at all of your work!

ShellyAugust 24, 2014

I still look at your blog! Though I come here less frequently now since it doesn’t get updated so regularly. (That is why I did not see this post until two weeks later…) I’d love to read whatever you want to post. Personal stuff is always fun and a great diversion, but ultimately I’m here to see your beautiful work.

FaithAugust 25, 2014

I look at your blog! 22 year old college senior from Western NY here. I am not sure HOW I stumbled across your blog (seriously, it rattles my brain sometimes) but I am so glad I did! I found you over a year ago and I check in from time to time to see if there are any updates. Got worried for a little while there! Hope you and the family are doing well. You do amazing work. Keep on smiling and take care! 🙂

Twins – Nolan & Aislyn – Belly to Birthday Newborn

This sweet brother/sister duo is going to be coming for a few visits over the next year! It was so fun to meet them.  Nolan was much smaller at birth and spent some time in the NICU but I they are both doing well now and he’s catching up to her in the weight department.  I can’t wait to see them at their 6month session!  Here are some favorites from our session…

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