Back to School + Kindergarten!!

I knew I’d stress the first day of school and hate the overhead bright sun and I’d hate that we were running late and I wouldn’t get the picture that I just really needed to capture…it’s her first day of school with her big brothers and I most certainly needed some photos to remember.  So I bribed them with QT drinks and let them wear their new shoes and clothes EARLY…and two days ago we set out to meet the teacher and take some back to school photos…


Oh they are darling aren’t they?

Brennan is such a light. He livens up a room and never runs out of energy…not even at midnight.  He totally gets “IT”. What is “it”? “IT” is everything from the “don’t make him feel bad by saying this” to the, “I’m raising my voice because I’m about to lose it”, to the dad’s getting low on patience or Emery needs a helping hand, or Dawson needs a little cheering up, or I better turn off this TV because I think they finally mean business.  I LOVE this about him and I can only hope with age that the others follow suit. He’s so grown up, so mature.  He’s smart, funny, athletic, social and a very good friend. We challenged him to be different this year. To be better, work harder and to not follow in footsteps of those who may bring him down. I know he’ll take that challenge and run with it, and I’m so proud and VERY THANKFUL to have him as my own…especially as my first born.  He is SUCH a great example to the youngers and for that I’m forever grateful!

Dawson has a heart of gold and a sensitive side that will serve him well in his manly years (I love a sensitive man).  He is so brave and works hard to please. He is funny. I think he’ll be the class clown, but hopefully not the troublesome class clown.  He’s our no fear kid who will proudly brave the biggest roller coaster that his big brother wouldn’t dare touch, but will melt when his beloved Daddy is out of town a few days and he doesn’t get to cuddle him.  He’s a daddy’s boy through and through and a lover of all things BOY. Dirt bikes, trucks, cars, construction, trains, animals and the like.  He’s so intrigued by how things work and if I had to predict I think he would be some sort of inventor or engineer someday!!  I love his soft heart and I love how he’s finally learning that it doesn’t pay to raise your voice. I love his love of learning and I pray he finds a comfortable place in school this year.  He loves to socialize with people older and that isn’t easy in school.  I hope he finds a few good friends that make those long school days a little more bearable!

He’s so handsome, I love his smile.  And I LOVE the way his world lights up everytime he sees his little brother.  There is something magical about sibling love.  I hope this year is as bright as your smile little man…you deserve it!

I can’t believe they think she’s old enough to be at school all day! She’s my little sidekick and it won’t be the same without her.  Emery is so sweet with some fun little sass that she tries to get past us.  She is by far my most easily self entertained kid.  She’s also the most “mama’s child” I’ve ever had.  She LOVES to be with me, and to be home…but that girl also has her mama’s shopping heart, I love that she loves to be on the go with me!

It has been the biggest anticipation sending her off to school.  Something about it being my ONLY girl made it much harder on me!  I want to hold her and tell her that the kids aren’t all going to be nice and that she’s gonna get pushed in line and someone might yell at her or hurt her feelings. How she won’t have all day to eat her lunch and then go play and come back for another bite and then play some more…and how I need her to eat so she doesn’t go hungry!  I am so excited she’ll get to finally put all her letters she knows into words because she gets so proud when she can READ something and I can’t wait until she reads EVERYTHING!  I know she’ll love specials, and creating projects and playing on the playground. I know she’ll love PE and earning points to get something from the treasure box.  I know she’ll love her teacher and she’ll be so excited to meet all new friends.

I want to warn her that friends are awesome and horrible at the same time! How best friends today might not be best friends of tomorrow and how it’s ok. I made her promise we’d always be best friends and I hope we always will!!  I can’t wait to see her skip off to meet up with new classmates that will be her new favorite friends.  But I know it’s beginning and she will learn jealousy and hurt and happiness and sadness and I wish I could package up her heart to not have to grow up to all those feelings yet!

I love her innocence. I love her smile. I love the questions she asks and the honesty she always gives.  I hope this is the best year for her. And I hope she takes a long time to learn the hard parts of growing up.

I’m so thankful we had the MOST FUN summer yet! I’m grateful for the trips, the beach days, the pool days, the game days and movie nights. I’m grateful for the hard work we accomplished and the fun rewards we reaped.  I’m grateful these kids are growing into such lovely, wonderful, smart and hard working members of society.

But most of all I’m thankful for THEM. That they are mine and that they are forgiving of my weaknesses and shortcomings.  I know some days are difficult and I want to throw in the towel and shut my door to just have some quiet, but I wouldn’t give any of them up for more quiet round here.  What a blessing it is to have children, to have chaos and noise and expenses, and work.  What a blessing it is to work every day for them and to teach them and love them.

Fly high little ones. Enjoy each day. Laugh and play and love and learn…life is a gift and I pray I am doing yours justice! You will always be my most prized work.  Here’s to another great year!

(Little baby monster Easton not pictured…he doesn’t like pictures much!!)

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Sally HuskAugust 7, 2013

Oh Jen, I just loved this post! It brings up so many “right on” feelings we have as parents! I know I’m not there yet to have my kids in school, but I totally get what your saying and agree! What a very sweet post this was and what a GREAT mom you are! I just know your kids are going to be fine and do great in school this year and every year after with such a loving and caring mom as you! Love you guys! Hugs to all of you! 🙂

M Family – AZ Family Photography

Still catching up from my blogging hiatus and I have too many cute sessions I don’t want to forget, so these photos taken last fall get shared in summer…perfect for those looking out to their session THIS FALL =)

I’ve sure enjoyed working with this family.  Baby Sara is part of our Belly to Birthday Baby Plan and for her 4month session we added her brothers in to capture some of them.  From the moment we planned this Mom was stressing because her middle son HATES having pictures and she must have shared with me countless times the battle it has been to have his pics taken. She said she didn’t have any pro photos of him because he would never cooperate…so I was up for the challenge.  We had 3 kids 5 and under to capture, one a baby and one difficult so I went in with my expectations low…and would you know they just knocked my socks off???  Look at this smile from her middle man who usually is “difficult.”

Mom was SUPER prepared.  Kids were FED and well rested (very difficult when you’re trying to get somewhere across town with everyone looking perfect at a certain time…but it worked).  She also had gone to the store, had the boys pick out a prize they wanted and then put them away.  Once they were done with the photos and were good…they got to play with their new toy!!  GENIUS I tell you.  Nevermind the candy bribe that leaves slobber and chocolate all over their face, I loved this idea to earn a prize for good behavior…sure it’s bribery at it’s best, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures right?

Check out their cuteness!!

This boy is SUCH A STUD!!

I think I’d want this one HUGE to put in my boys bedroom or somewhere else in my house to remind me my boys do love each other…you know cuz mine fight all the time =)

Mom got this one in a huge 20×30 Portrait to frame in their house.  It.was.beautiful!!

Thanks Amanda for trusting me to capture these sweet moments!  I hope we have the same great luck this Fall!!

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Mallory 7 Months – Belly to Birthday Session

Little Mallory actually just finished up her first year of being documented with our Belly to Birthday baby plan, but since we never blogged this session last fall, here’s a peek at some of our favorites from her 7month session…

I absolutely ADORE some of the images we captured at her 1yr session and cake smash…I will share those soon!

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